Moving On, Tickle Me Pink Gear Up for Tour

The rockers are trying to leave the recent tragic death of one of their members behind them by setting themselves up for a tour.
Mourning time is over now for Tickle Me Pink as after losing their bassist Johnny Schou on July 1 the band have decided to move on and hit the road for a tour this year. Confirming their plan to get their act back after Johnny's tragic death, the band's frontman Sean Kennedy said, "We not only have lost a band member, but our best friend. The process is just beginning. We will never be able to replace Johnny, but through this tragedy we have all grown even closer together and are going to make him proud."

The band plan to start their tour on July 18 in San Diego, C.A. and set to close it on September 20 in Austin Texas. The full list for their upcoming tour can be checked out at the rocker's official MySpace page or at their official website. For the tour, to replace Johnny, the rock act have added a new face Joey Barba, who is also an old friend of the band.

On the new line-up, Joey will be taking the guitarist role, while the bassist position will be taken by Sean. Shouting out the band's reason to tap Joey to join them on tour, the vocalist/bassist said, "Joey has been a long time band friend. Joey is not only a brilliant player; he is a great friend to us and was to Johnny. Johnny would want it this way if he could somehow have a say."

Moreover, Sean also commented about the songs on their record that seems similar to their recent condition. "It is somewhat ironic that many of our songs deal with death and a higher purpose. We don't think it is a coincidence that these songs came about on our record. We want to let the world know how short life is; embrace the ones you love and treasure each moment without regret," he said.

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