Artist of the Week: Duffy

Welsh singer Duffy given a spotlight following her achievement in taking 'Mercy' to worldwide acclaim.
Duffy is particularly on the busy streaming line after her single "Mercy" swept not only her Welsh nation but almost the entire world. The rising star which is dubbed "the next Dusty Springsfield" but hates the idea, is keen on making her music stretched to its limit. Together with Bernard Butler who is the ex-guitarist of Suede, she has celebrated the success by recording a new song, a cover of Joe Meek's "Please Stay" that will potentially be used as the soundtrack to the producer's biopic.

Already the buzz about Duffy has reached out to lots of fans and also fellow musicians. After her album "Rockferry" broke through the American music scene by selling 72,000 copies in its first week release, Duffy has been the center of attention among the nation's artists. Rihanna has publicly revealed her interest in working with her to form a super collaboration together with Amy Winehouse. Speaking about the latter singer, Duffy has also earned the title of the next "Amy" along with two other rising stars Adele and Gabriella Cilmi.

Duffy herself has also been fair in her opinion regarding American music culture. The soul singer backed up Jay-Z in appearing at Glastonbury Festival that is due to take place on June 28 this year, saying "It hadn't really crossed my mind that his appearance might be a problem. I've seen him live and it was one of the best shows I've ever been to. He had these great string arrangements and was just an amazing showman. It was really fun and you left feeling good. I'm completely excited about seeing him again." She herself, has been scheduled to hit the Other Stage on the same day.

Apart from nabbing a nomination for Best New International/Indie Alternative Solo Artist at the recent 2008 NME Awards USA, Duffy is also up for several other recognitions early in her career. Her album has been elected as the eligible Album of the Year nominee of MOJO Awards this year while "Mercy" is up for Song of the Year. "She's born to do it, a genuine star. The bigger she gets, the better she sounds," Butler speaking out his mind regarding Duffy's existence.

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