More to Jon Favreau's Yet Unsigned in 'Iron Man 2' Story

Jon Favreau

Giving an updated news to the report stating that director Jon Favreau has yet tapped in for the action movie's sequel, the filmmaker revealed on Tuesday, May 13, that he is still not signed.
The success of the man in armor suit "Iron Man" to keep on soaring high collecting more and more gold and to stand unchallenged atop the box office chart could not be separated from the good work done by its director Jon Favreau. But, when Marvel Entertainment announced the development of the superhero sequel, the filmmaker made a shocking confession that he hasn't been officially aboard the new project and the uncertainty still lingers on as of Tuesday, May 13.

The latest news coming from the man behind the success of Will Ferrell's 2003 Christmas comedy "Elf" revealed that he is still not signed to helm "Iron Man 2". Talking to radio show host and television personality Howard Stern, the 41-year-old stated, "They haven't offered me anything yet. They're all talking - they want to do it, they even announced a date." Despite the fact that he has yet signed, Favreau still shared what he has in mind for the second film stating that he is interested in picking up the "infamous Devil in a Bottle storyline", so claimed Slash Film.

Further, he even gives out warning that though all the film's stars, including Robert Downey Jr., Terrence Howard and Gwyneth Paltrow, have been signed for three films, it doesn't mean that they will definitely come back in the sequel. "They're all signed for three but it doesn't work that way. That all goes out the window when you make $100 million dollars," explained Favreau. "Because people want to have a good relationship with the people they are working with, and if they're making that kind of money, it's an understanding that they're going to negotiate."

By the end of May 11, "Iron Man" has dominated the box office for the second time in a row securing its place as one of the summer blockbuster movies. As of May 13, it has collected as much as $185 million from the North American market only and $350.1 million from worldwide sales. Additionally, concerning its sequel, "Iron Man 2" is slated for April 30, 2010 release.

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