Competing with Britney Spears, Jim Carrey Jumped Off Bridge for 'Yes Man'

Jim Carrey

Shooting a scene for his upcoming comedy film, the 'Bruce Almighty' star replaced his stuntman to jump over the bridge claiming that it is what he has to do to compete with the troubled pop singer.
Many Hollywood actors today are doing their own stunt works, but when Jim Carrey is the one to do the stunt, he would do it with a bang. On Monday, January 28, morning, the 46-year-old comedian jumped over an overpass locally known as "Suicide Bridge" for a bungee jump scene in his upcoming comedy project "Yes Man".

Replacing his stuntman, the Golden Globe Award-winning actor who wore a yellow jacket and blue jeans, yelled, "The first time in history that an actor stepped in for a stunt man." Then, while standing on the edge of the bridge and getting himself ready for the 150 feet plunge, the funnyman jokingly quoted Neil Amstrong's famous statement saying, "That's one small step for man, one giant leap for comedy. I've never been so regular!"

The actor revealed that the scene supposedly would be taken in studio but he refused to do that. He stated, "They were gonna do this on a green screen where I would hang on in front of the camera and they would bounce me up and down. And I said, 'I'm gonna be there, man!'"

Following his bungee jump, he then explained one of the reasons why he was doing the stunt to MTV News crew. He said, "It's pretty mental. [But], I mean [my character] tries to get back with his girlfriend and she tells him to go jump off a bridge. He has to do it!" Additionally, he said, "This is what you've gotta do to compete with Britney Spears!"

Based on the memoir of British comedian Danny Wallace, "Yes Man" chronicles the adventures faced by Carl Allen after signing up for a self-help program with one simple principle, that is say yes to everything. Featuring also Bradley Cooper, Zooey Deschanel, Molly Sims and Danny Masterson, the film scheduled for December 19 release is being directed by Peyton Reed.

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