Ricky Martin Seeks to Adopt Children One from Each Continent

Ricky Martin

Ricky Martin has revealed his intention to have a child, seeks to adopt children "one from each continent" if possible.
"Welcome to the adoption club dude." Shall we say so to Ricky Martin? As the Puerto Rican singer has revealed his intention to adopt, even "one from each continent" if it is possible.

"It's something we want to begin to create this year, a family of many colors," so Martin told reporters Wednesday August 9th in Puerto Rico, where he is scheduled to perform this weekend.

"I want to do it right," the singer went on saying. "I don't want any problems or misunderstandings. ... Some think as celebrities we can manipulate the system to have a quicker adoption."

Martin, the Goodwill Ambassador to UNICEF, established the Ricky Martin Foundation in Puerto Rico to advocate for the welfare of children around the world. He, in addition, has also collaborated with the International Organization for Migration on the "Llama y Vive" (Call and Live), a campaign which is aimed to facilitate prevention of human trafficking, protection of the youngest victims of child trafficking, and prosecution of the traffickers.

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