Sharon Stone Trivia
  1. Was recruited as the new face of Italian jewelry company Damiani for the firm's Musts and Masterpieces collection (June 2008).

  2. Referred kissing her former boyfriend, Dwight Yoakam, was like eating a dirt sandwich.

  3. Has been chosen #1 on a list of Ageless Hollywood Stars in In Touch magazine in July 2005.

  4. Voted #24 in Playboy magazine's 100 Sexiest Stars of the Century in 1999.

  5. Chosen as one of People magazine's 25 Most Intriguing People of 1992.

  6. Listed in People magazine's 50 Most Beautiful People in 1992.

  7. Has a scar on the neck that she got from a childhood horse riding accident and often covers it with clothing.

  8. Dropped from Christian Dior's Chinese adverts after addressing Chinese's earthquake in the Sichuan province occurred on May 12, 2008 as bad "karma" after Beijing's policy in Tibet.

  9. Has an IQ of 154 according to The Times, March 25, 1998.

  10. She and her sister Kelly Stone founded the Class of Hope 2007 initiative, which recycles outfits worn for events like the Oscars to be given to underprivileged girls for their prom nights.

  11. Ranked 7th on Mr. Blackwell's 47th annual "Worst Dressed" list released on January 9, 2007.

  12. Has been booked to model Badgley Mischka Couture Collection gowns on an estate in Los Angeles for an advertising campaign which will be launched in the October 2006 issues of various magazines.

  13. Received undisclosed damages & a formal apology from London's Daily Mail for its June 2005 report alleging that Stone had left her son, Roan, asleep in car while she had a two-hour meal at London restaurant The Ivy with a "mystery male pal" (April 2006).

  14. Vetoed the producer's choice of using Benjamin Bratt as Dr. Michael Glass in "Basic Instinct 2" (2006) because she thought he wasn't a good actor and the role eventually went to David Morrissey.

  15. Initially refused to reprise the role as Catherine Tramell in "Basic Instinct 2" (2006) but agreed upon 'pay or play' term which meant that she got fully paid even if the film didn't go to production in the end.

  16. Attended singer Christina Aguilera's marriage to producer Jordan Bratman on November 19, 2005 in Napa Valley, California.

  17. Received Harvard Foundation's Humanitarian Award in 2005 for her continuous dedication to raise fund for AIDS research.

  18. Raised a million within few minutes in the 2005 World Economic Forum in Switzerland that would go to the Global Fund to Fight Aids Tuberculosis and Malaria to buy bed nets and stop deaths from malaria in developing countries.

  19. Took a phone call in the middle of filming her scene as Laurel Hedare in "Catwoman" (2004) and held up the filming for a time.

  20. Gave a teenage ballet star $75,000 to pay for her tuition fees.

  21. Kissed a fan Joni Rimm after paying $50,000 for the charity of Project Angel Foods, a Los Angeles charity providing meals for homeless people in August 2003.

  22. Was the Jury of the 2002 Cannes Festival alongside David Lynch, Michelle Yeoh, Christine Hakim, Claude Miller, Raoul Ruiz, Regis Wargnier and Walter Salles.

  23. Arranged a Father's Day for her ex husband, Phil Bronstein by signing him to a private tour to LA Zoo in 2001. Phil, who had always wanted to see a Komodo dragon, was bitten by the animal and had to undergo a foot surgery.

  24. Received violence threat from Agostino P'omata and was granted a restraining order against him in March 2001.

  25. Had a brain aneurysm and was hospitalized for a while during the late 2001.

  26. Adopted a son in 2000 who was named Roan which means 'seal' in Celtic and added Joseph for the middle name as a tribute to Stone's father.

  27. Was the recipient of humanitarian award from the Human Rights Campaign for her role as the lover of Ellen DeGeneres in the lesbian TV movie "If These Walls Could Talk 2" (2000).

  28. Presented the life tribute in the 1998 American Academy of Motion Pictures for her best friend, Jeanne Moreau.

  29. Chosen as one of the Top 100 Movie Stars of All Time at #77 by Empire (UK) magazine in October 1997.

  30. Received the Knight of the Order of Arts and Letters from the French government for her contribution in art and literature and her enrichment of French culture in 1995.

  31. Named #49 in Empire magazine's list of 100 Sexiest Stars in Film History in 1995.

  32. Was suffering back pain from an old injury while playing as Ginger in "Casino" (1995) and had to wear a 45 ponds gown in a scene.

  33. Successful in convincing Martin Scorsese to give her the role Ginger in "Casino" (1995) despite the director's initial choice, Madonna.

  34. Her actor brother Michael Stone appeared along her in "The Quick and the Dead" (1995).

  35. Hand picked Russell Crowe to appear as Cort in "The Quick and the Dead" (1995) despite TriStar's doubt of using the then unknown actor.

  36. Paid Leonardo DiCaprio with her own salary so that the actor would appear as Fee Herod in "The Quick and the Dead" (1995).

  37. Declined playing as Sheila Kingston in "Exit to Eden" (1994) and the role was taken by Rosie O'Donnell.

  38. Her measurements as a Ford model in 1980s were 35B-24-35 but later on changed to 36B-25-35 as she described in 1993.

  39. Complained to the director Paul Verhoeven that she wasn't sure whether her character Lori in "Total Recall" (1990) was really married to Arnold Schwarzenegger's character Douglas.

  40. Didn't get the role Breathless Mahoney in the audition of "Dick Tracy" (1990) and the role went to Madonna.

  41. Auditioned for the role Vicki Vale in Tim Burton's "Batman" (1989) but the role eventually was taken by Kim Basinger.

  42. Was the ex daughter in law of the actress Cloris Leachman and the producer George Englund.

  43. Joined the audition of "Fatal Attraction" (1987) for the role as Alex Forrest which in the end went to Glenn Close.

  44. Asked the director Wes Craven to remove the teeth of a spider for her scene in "Deadly Blessing" (1981).

  45. Is a close friend to the actress Mimi Craven whom she met on the set of "Deadly Blessing" (1981) and played together with in "Last Dance" (1996).

  46. Won the competition in the game show "Star Search" (1983) as a spokesmodel contestant.

  47. Joined the audition of "Raging Bull" (1980) for the role Vickie Thailer La Motta, but it eventually went to Cathy Moriarty.

  48. Worked part time as McDonald's counter girl when she was a teenager.

  49. Performed some theatrical production as a child and would use her two-car garage as the stage set where the audiences were some neighbors.

  50. Contributed greatly in the AIDS research organization, AMFAR.

  51. Actively campaigned gay rights.

  52. Has asthma and suffers from diabetes.

  53. Is allergic to any drink or food containing caffeine.

  54. Is able to speak Italian.