Pretty Ricky Trivia
  1. According to The Miami Herald, the band was formerly called Pretty Rickie and the Maverix before facing an objection from an American country band, The Maverick, to change the name.

  2. Their hit song, "Grind With Me," has reached 13th rank of the most-played clips on MTV.

  3. Had their own reality show, entitled "Livin' With the Blue Stars," aired on MTV.

  4. Pretty Ricky originally was the name used by their older brother Joseph Smith, Jr. while they themselves were the Maverix.

  5. Previously had been joined by their older brother, Joseph Smith. Jr, when they were still under the name of Pretty Rickie and the Maverix before Smith received a lawsuit from AEC, a one-stop distributor of records.

  6. "Grind With Me" has another version entitled "Grind On Me."

  7. "Grind With Me" has also been the top-played clip for almost 4 months on BET.

  8. Single "Grind With Me" has already sold over one million ring tones by the end of June 2005, making it as the number one selling master-tone for Warner Music Group in May and June period.

  9. Was also signed under Blue Star Entertainment International owned by their own father, Joseph "Blue" Smith.

  10. Was also called "Glitter Boys" because of their flashy fashion style.

  11. Has established a clothing line named Marco De Bleu.

  12. Recorded a cleaned-up version of album "Bluestars" for Wal-Mart and their young fans.

  13. All members are the sons of Joseph "Blue" Smith, but only Spectacular and Baby Blue who have the same mother.

  14. In response to The Maverick's objection, the band's personnel then dropped "Maverix" while also replaced "Rickie" with 'Ricky" to be sounded more masculine.