Matt Dillon
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Matt Dillon

Famous As
Birth Name
Matthew Raymond Dillon
Birth Date
Feb 18, 1964
Birth Place
New Rochelle, New York, USA
Matt Dillon Trivia
  1. Admits that Gene Hackman is a major idol and influence on his works.

  2. Endorsed for Skechers footwear for two years that were in 2001 and 2002.

  3. Was actually the first choice for the role of Butch Coolidge in "Pulp Fiction" (1994) and Frank Sangster in "Novocaine" (2001).

  4. Went onstage in a Broadway 1985 production of "The Boys of Winter."

  5. Was featured in the music video of The Pogues and Kirsty MacColl's "Fairytale of New York" in 1987.

  6. Turned down the role of Richard in "The Blue Lagoon" (1980) due to the nude scenes.

  7. Co-owns the Falls, a restaurant in New York and a bar named Whiskey which is located in New York City's Paramount Hotel.

  8. Has directed several music videos for rock bands, including that of Dinosaur Jr.'s.

  9. Was mentioned on Jeff Buckley's double album of "Live at Sin-e (Legacy Edition)."

  10. Is a good friend of novelist Barry Gifford.

  11. Owns the movie rights to a work of Ian Steward entitled "Ambushed."

  12. Considers Carol Reed as one of his favorite filmmakers.

  13. Likes going to flea markets.

  14. Is a huge fan of Cuban music and New York Mets baseball team.

  15. His name is also the fictional name of U.S. Marshal for Dodge City in TV series "Gunsmoke" (1955-1975).

  16. Has undergone extensive traveling around Southeast Asia.

  17. Keeps a large collection of vinyl records.

  18. Is related to Alex Raymond who was known as the creator of Flash Gordon and his brother, Jim Raymond who once drew Blondie for Chic Young for about 40 years since his grandmother, Bea Dillon, was actually their sister.