KT Tunstall Biography

With only a record in hand, musician going by the stage name KT Tunstall has received three BRIT Awards, a nomination of Grammy Awards, and numerous other honors. By the second album, she has proved that her music could stand the test of quality in this rough industry. 'Drastic Fantastic' not only nailed her existence but also showed that there's no such thing as one hit wonder in her dictionary. Although, her single 'Hold On' had a slow start by peaking at #104 on Billboard Hot 100 chart, it had gotten people curious on how the singer does in other tracks. The sophomore album 'Drastic Fantastic' opened with 49,700 sale, placing itself at #9 on Billboard Hot 200. She was eventually chosen as one of the featured artists in the fifth cycle of 'NBC Sound of the Season' that features fresh and promising acts annually.

Tunstall is Scottish by nation when she was born on June 23, 1975. She was adopted by a physicist man and his grammar school teacher wife eighteen days after she was delivered. Her childhood was spent growing up in St. Andrews, Scotland with older brother Joe and younger brother Daniel. KT, not short for anything, is a name she employed after feeling that the real one, Kate, sounds like "a buxom lass baking bread for her man working in the fields." Never had it occur to her that music would be part of her future, especially because her family hadn't been very "musical". Her father often took the children to sanatorium to watch the stars or simply play fun games with chemicals. "I remember a brilliant game we'd play in the evening when the lights were dimmed," Tunstall recalled. "Dad would take a big canister of liquid nitrogen and sloosh it down the linoleum corridor. Me and my big brother would sit huddled together on the canister trolley, dad would say "don't touch! Your fingers'll fall off!" and he'd give us a wee push and we'd sail through low level clouds, watching hundreds of little bubbles bounce off each other." Science might easily seeped through her vein but once she knew music, it stuck.

The first encounter in music could be from her brother who listened to all sorts of metal, but Tunstall who took piano and flute as her first instruments, received influence from the famous and classic Ella Fitzgerald. She enjoyed folk pop sound that was developed even thicker when she picked her first guitar at the age of 16. While enrolling education at High School of Dundee, she wrote her first few songs that were rather raw before she stepped out of St. Andrews. The bright student earned scholarship to private school Kent School in Connecticut where she eventually met people and played music together. It was then when she formed a band called The Happy Campers and played in several other indie bands. After that, a serious education in music came when she chose to enter London's Royal Holloway College. In 2003 she dated fellow band member, a drummer named Luke Bellen who later on shied away speculation that Tunstall was a lesbian. Her first record 'Eyes to the Telescope' was released in 2004 but still to no big bang. It took a sudden and emergency performance on 'Later with Jools Holland' to bring her record a wider exposure.

Rapper Nas, the scheduled performer, failed to make it to the show and Tunstall was brought up in replacement. She had only 24 hours to prepare for the show but all in all, it was a memorable delivery that her performed song 'Black Horse and the Cherry Tree' eventually gained the respect it deserved. 'Eyes to the Telescope' was re-released in January 2005 whereupon it reached #3 on U.K. Albums chart and nominated for Mercury Prize Awards. 'Suddenly I See', the equally popular single from the album, garnered the title 'Best Song Musically & Lyrically' at Ivor Novello Awards, while her presence as new artist invited two nominations at World Music Awards. Her music traveled to U.S. with the States release in February 2006 even though 'Black Horse and the Cherry Three' was still mildly received. In May 2006, American Idol contestant Katharine McPhee asked her permission to sing the song. Although Tunstall loathed such reality contest, it was a wise decision to give McPhee the green light, particularly because the song jumped 56 positions on U.S. Hot 100, going from #79 straight to #23 before eventually peaking at #20.

It was all downhill from there. An acoustic album 'KT Tunstall's Acoustic Extravaganza' was released immediately, while the second album was taking progress. 'Suddenly I See' was utilized in the opening of Meryl Streep's movie 'The Devil Wears Prada' and as 'Ugly Betty' first season promotional song. In 2007, the 49th Grammy Awards put her as 'Best Pop Vocal Performance - Female' nominee through 'Black Horse and the Cherry Tree' although she lost it to Christina Aguilera. Having conquered many countries with her songs, Tunstall dropped her second album 'Drastic Fantastic' in September 2007. It debuted at #9 on Billboard Hot 200 after selling more than 50,00 copies.