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Kate Nash

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Kate Marie Nash
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Jul 6, 1987
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North Harrow, London, UK
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In this time frame, music industry is led by those with determination and pure talent, and %cKate Nash% is a perfect example of it. Having a single that jumped amazingly 185 places in U.K. Singles chart proved that she was a diamond in the rough. Thanks to its melodic and catchy phrase, 'Foundation' effortlessly was placed at #2 in the second week of its release and in the four following weeks, only a post away from %cRihanna%'s mega-hit 'Umbrella'. Not wanting to be a one-hit-wonder, Nash has prepared a number of materials for her second album that she makes sure not going to suffer a sophomore slump. For the same reason, Nash also stated that fans may expect a different sound from her in the second effort, but still true to herself. Not blinded by her thriving career, Nash looks deeper on what she achieves today. Through the power of influence that she possesses today, the singer joined a number of other celebrities to perform a gig on August 9, 2007 to voice her concerns over redevelopment of Camden's Stables Market. Putting forward her performance as a form of protest, she wants the traditional market to remain as it is, instead of being rebuilt as another modern shopping mall. Apparently, the singer has a lot more to offer than meets the eye.

Kate Nash, born July 6, 1987, never thought that one's fate can go very out of the way. Little Nash was brought up by a computer clerk father, a nurse mom and had always wanted to be an actress, a quite far-sight of what she attains today. Unlike many kids born in her nice neighborhood in Harrow, London, the middle child developed an attitude that most, arguably, won't accept. "I'm not a pretentious person - I was a bit of a chav, I wore trackies, trainers, hoodies, hoops," Nash recalled. "And I drank Smirnoff Ice and WKD. It was good! My youth! But the difference for me is that I am ambitious and I don't want to end up doing something boring and monotone and routine. And rubbish." This same attitude was later portrayed in her every song that refuses to sweet talk and discuss ordinary issues. Although she dreamed of being an actress, Nash was stuck in piano lessons at the age of eight and continued to do so until she reached Grade 6. Upon growing up, she hung out with friends in clubs that played R'n'B and various kinds of music. Still, she was on for acting, not singing.

Over the years she didn't realize how close she was to the world of music. Entering St. Joan of Arc School before engaging at St. John Fisher school first, she wrote songs for her GCSEs. Her musical talent was further sharpened when she admitted herself to South London's BRIT School for Performing Arts and Technology, taking drama courses for two straight years. She left the school in summer 2005, getting down the street for the real 'drama'. At first, she was the girl handing out fliers at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe, the world's largest art festival, trying to get herself hitched for any theater production. She also applied to Bristol Old Vic theater where she passed the first round but unfortunate enough to fail the second one. Worse, but came as a twist of fate, Nash fell down the stairs and broke her foot. Everything might seem so cloudy at that time, but high-spirited Nash filled in her days on bed with songwriting. Rumbling through unfinished materials that she wrote while a teen, Nash plucked up the courage to get herself a gig.

From then on, Nash's life came in the speed of light. She was booked for several performances in clubs where she would sing covers and a few of her own materials. It was through MySpace that fame landed on her shoulder. Upon posting 'Caroline's a Victim' on the page, Nash gained encouragement from fellow bloggers, among them was British singer %cLily Allen%, to launch her singing career. Before the year 2006 closed up, Nash found a manager and a music producer that eventually led her to an indie label called Moshi Moshi Records. A double A-sided containing 'Caroline's a Victim' and 'Birds' was released in February 2007. One thousand copies were distributed and promoted through a short tour which venues includes the prestigious Glastonbury. Next thing Nash knew was going professional. She was signed to Fiction Records and with better distribution, 'Foundation' waltzed its way to the top of U.K. Singles Charts at #2, causing her label to issue her debut album 'Made of Bricks' few weeks earlier to August 6, 2007. The album performed well on the U.K. Albums chart by peaking at #1. Then, tracks called 'Mouthwash' and 'Pumpkin Soup' were pulled out off the record as the third and fourth single respectively.