Farrah Fawcett Trivia
  1. Voted 2nd in a poll of TV's Sexiest Women Ever compiled by Internet service provider AOL in December 2007, thanks to her character Jill Munroe in TV series "Charlie's Angels".

  2. Got a special present for her 60th birthday February 2, 2007, which was a cancer-free bill.

  3. Was diagnosed with intestine tumor and had been undergoing intensive radiation to shrink it (October 2006).

  4. Was included in the Texas Film Hall of Fame by Dabney Coleman in 2003 for her legendary status either on-screen or off-screen.

  5. Received $750,000 from TV movie "Silk Hope" (1999).

  6. Was fined $390 due to the act of shoplifting and trespassing in 1970.

  7. Was paid $10,000 an episode in "Charlie's Angels" (1976).

  8. Was a Wella's model in its shampoo advertisement.

  9. Posed naked for Playboy at the age of 48 in December 1995.

  10. Her Broadway debut in "Bobbi Boland" ran in such a short time since the play was closed after seven previews at New York's Cort Theatre.

  11. Teamed up with sculptor Keith Edmier to present a range of nude statues as the part of a new exhibition at the Warhol Museum in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. The artworks were inspired by Edmier's childhood obsession with the actress.

  12. Her sequence in a skimpy PVC jumpsuit was thrown away from "Saturn 3" (1980) although it had already been shot.

  13. Has been a board member of National Advisory Council for The National Domestic Violence Hot-line.

  14. Is against domestic violence, participating in related events, such as the Humanitarian Awards in Media and anti-domestic violence panel discussions produced by Show Coalition.

  15. Is actively involved in charity through the Cancer Society.

  16. Failed to appear as a cameo in the film version of "Charlie's Angels" (2000) because of unsuccessful negotiations as she insisted to be cast as the voice of the new Charlie.

  17. Established the Fawcett-Majors Productions with her husband, Lee Majors, in late 1970s.

  18. Was offered a role in "Foul Play" (1978) which in the end went to Goldie Hawn.

  19. Is the cousin of Jan Fawcett.