Farrah Fawcett Biography

Mary Farrah Leni Fawcett, born on February 2, 1947 in Corpus Christi, Texas, USA is an actress who was a noted pop culture icon of the 1970s. What a beautiful girl Fawcett is, that her friends of 1965 class in W.B. Ray High School, Corpus Christi, Texas, named her the "Beautiful Woman" in early 1960s. Graduated from senior high, Fawcett attended the University of Texas at Austin and studied there from 1966 to 1967.

Drooped out from her late educational institution, Fawcett put her first step on film industry in the late 1960s by firstly performing particular guest-starring roles in shows, such as “I Dream of Jeannie” (1965) and “The Flying Nun” (1967). The larger community she involved in met her with actor Lee Major whom she dated in 1968. As time went by, Fawcett got her another chance to play, still, the guest-starring role in “The Partridge Family” aired in 1970. Then, after their 5-years of romance, both Fawcett and Majors decided to go on an aisle and legalized their marriage on July 28, 1973.

In the next year that was in 1974 the newlyweds starred in the same film entitled “The Six Million Dollar Man” with Farrah performing as the guest star in its four episodes. World goes round and Fawcett had to face her career decline that she desperately decided to pose in her red bathing suit for a poster, which sale amazingly reached 8,000,000 plus copies. That decision certainly prevented her from the end of her career, for which producers Aaron Spelling and Leonard Goldberg then asked her to star in the crime drama mega hit show “Charlie's Angels,” firstly popular in 1976. Playing in that booming film, she was paid for $10,000 per episode, yet she felt dissatisfied with that amount as well with her contract with the film producers. This obstacle motivated her to abruptly leave the series in 1977, which resulted in a lawsuit filed by “Charlie's Angels” producers. After the trial, Fawcett returned to the series in guest spots for six episodes, three in the 1978-1979 season, and the other three in the 1979-1980 season before she was replaced by Cheryl Ladd.

After 6 years of marriage and 1 year separate life, Fawcett and Majors filed for divorce in 1980 and soon afterwards she dated Ryan O'Neil. Despite O'Neil daughter, Tatum O'Neil, disapproval of their relationship, Fawcett insisted to live together with him, during which she gave birth to their son Redmond in 1985. Sadly, the romance began in 1980 could not last any longer when it came to an end in 1997.

Subsequent to the end of her 17-years romance with O'Neil, Fawcett then dated writer-director-producer, James Orr, who in 1998 injured her for spurning his marriage proposal and as a result Orr was arrested for battery after attacking [January 28, 1998]. That incident surely caused in their separation. Following that, Fawcett was accused by actress Kristen Amber Citron for stealing $72,000 worth of clothing and nude pictures from the home of her ex-boyfriend, James Orr, and that she was also said as a drug addict concerning her bizarre behavior. However, Fawcett said she never used drugs and claimed she often got giggly whenever she was nervous.

Despite all the fishy and ridiculous nuisances she had ever done, Fawcett once got her achievement as one of the twelve 1976's Promising New Actors in John Willis' Screen World, Vol. 28. After a period of time splitting from O'Neil, Fawcett has reportedly rebuilt her romance with him over his battle with leukemia and both go on dating for the past years before finally decided to get married and have the sacral ceremony on Fawcett's new show "Chasing Farrah" aired in early January, 2005.