Coldplay Trivia
  1. Contributed a song titled "Part Of The Plan" in rapper Swizz Beatz' album "One Man Band Man".

  2. Won the British Single award for their "Speed Of Sound" and MasterCard British Album award for "X&Y" at the 2006 annual Brit Awards.

  3. Secures the 5th place in a poll conducted by music channel VH1 on Britain's Favorite Lyric thanks to "Yellow" (April 2006).

  4. Won the International Album Of The Year prize at the 2006's Juno for their album "X&Y".

  5. Topped the 2005's global charts with their album "X&Y" sold 8.3 million copies around the world.

  6. Their 2nd album "A Rush of Blood to the Head" (2002) reached multi-platinum.

  7. All the band's personnel usually hang out, play football and go out to eat together to bring back their original music style.

  8. Refuse to sell their songs to be used in product ads, yet allow them to be used in film, televison and promotional spot.

  9. Released a new song and music video on their official site due to the birth of frontman's daughter.

  10. Album "Parachutes" (2000) was criticized due to its similarity to Radiohead's music.

  11. Loves to perform at charity concerts.

  12. Actively supports many social and political issues.

  13. The band also known for performing covers from various artists.

  14. The band often made silly videos to be put on their official site.

  15. All personnel are not allowed to use drugs.

  16. They decided to share the profits equally.

  17. The name "Coldplay" was originally given by a friend who thought that it was too depressing.

  18. Before turned into a band, frontman Martin had considered to form a boyband called Pectoralz.