Adam Brody
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Adam Brody

Famous As
Birth Name
Adam Jared Brody
Birth Date
Dec 15, 1979
Birth Place
San Diego, California
Adam Brody Trivia
  1. Took home the Choice TV Actor, Drama/Action Adventure award for "The O.C." (2003) at the 2006 Teen Choice Awards held August 20th in Los Angeles.

  2. Sat on #9 of Elle Girl's 50 Hottest Guys list.

  3. Listed as one of the 2003 Teen People's 25 Hottest Stars Under 25, sharing it with his co-stars in "The O.C." (2003), Mischa Barton, Benjamin McKenzie, and Rachel Bilson.

  4. Has the same music taste which are indie rock, emo and jazz with his character in "The O.C." (2003), Seth Cohen.

  5. Was the first "The O.C." (2003) star to appear in Ashton Kutcher's TV show "Punk'd" (2003).

  6. Is the drummer of Big Japan that was formerly known as Steven's Team but he stated that it more of a practice than actual profession.

  7. Likes to watch X-Men movies.

  8. His favorite holiday is Halloween.

  9. Is the big fan of Vince Vaughn, Ben Stiller, Owen Wilson, Sandra Bullock, Julia Roberts, Hugh Grant and Matt Damon.

  10. Named the seventieth in Independent Oline's 100 Sexiest Men Alive.

  11. His dog's name is Penny Lane.

  12. Used to work at Blockbuster in La Jolla, San Diego.