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Our Feature Presentation Trailer

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A clip/trailer of Our Feature Presentation

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Our Feature Presentation Poster
Our Feature Presentation

Release Date :

December 21, 2008 California

Studio :

Aunt Colony Productions

Director :

Gardner Loulan

Starring :

Erin Cahill, Brandon Alexander, Jessie Andersen, Carla Baker

Cody Weever wants to make a movie but his tycoon mother refuses to fund the production. When a rumor spreads in his wealthy hometown that the beautiful, no talent Hollywood heiress Jasmine Danell will be starring in the film, the town's people clamor to be associated with the project. Blinded by ambition, victim to his own ego, and distracted by the private vanities of the wealthy, Cody manages to cast Jasmine, but at great personal cost. Through humor, the film explores the great lengths people will go to attain fame and fortune.


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