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Lady GaGa - Alejandro

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Why did she use the cross,crucifix,crusader garment, and nun's garment in red. Is this about God? Who Alejandro? Is she saying she wants nothing to do with him.

posted by Godfearing on Jul 23, 2011

Love your music and style. I love it how you make things so eccentric and wonderful. You are a genious. Love and hugs, :)

posted by foxycol63 on May 28, 2011

LadyGaga is all ways awsome!!!Yall should check out glozell translatoin of this song on youtube!Its hilarious!!!

posted by yacipattinson4ever on Feb 10, 2011

this is my favorite of the fame monster...love the beats

posted by Doreen Eryenyu on Aug 01, 2010


posted by killarA on Jul 21, 2010

I love it gaga is the new Pop queen! Shes a muse and taylor swift is a bitch!

posted by Lucas From Brazil on Jul 13, 2010

luv yuh lady gaga nd i really wish i could b at a concert

posted by xxlagagamirthaxx on Jul 11, 2010

Great Song!. Good rhythm and lyrics. Video is over the top, but it IS Lady Gaga. Very Madonnish.

posted by ginaldorsey on Jul 08, 2010

love it

posted by Taylor on Jul 03, 2010

great song i love it so much

posted by jbieberfan731 on Jul 01, 2010

all of u who hating on lady gaga get a life her videos is great and her music all u are just jealous

posted by candace on Jun 28, 2010

Realiiiii gud songs!!Der gaga!!=]=]=]=]=]=]=]=]=]=]=]

posted by Shan gurliii! on Jun 27, 2010

Dis 1 rocks:-)

posted by T.M.D. on Jun 23, 2010

gaga; her songs are great. but all her videos are shit even her clothes

posted by notgagafan on Jun 20, 2010

The song was damn nice....d video was quite eccentric....but still a fan of Gaga...forever

posted by Moipui on Jun 19, 2010

i likesong but its like wow shes idk i think that that song doesnt go with her and 1 thing i didnt like is that she wasnt dressed like her mabey its just me but im still a big fan.

posted by gagafan on Jun 18, 2010

I love u so much.You are the best.The next queen of pop,Sorry madonna i like u too,but gaga is different,she's original,fantastic...

posted by Little Monster on Jun 17, 2010

i love gaga so much

posted by Gaga i love u on Jun 17, 2010

Gaga baby i love ur style so different baby u got talent and so hot indeed

posted by alyc on Jun 15, 2010

farah ather baig like this

posted by marcus on Jun 15, 2010


posted by laddy gaga on Jun 15, 2010

eff yeah

posted by marcus on Jun 15, 2010


posted by bryan on Jun 14, 2010

i dont know wat gaga was thinkin...this is some really bad shit man!!! the music sounds good but the video is just F***ED up!! wat r u tryin to proof gaga??? get a LIFE!

posted by lady GAGAK! on Jun 14, 2010

this video is absurd-just like the gaga phenomenon....she is unfortunate looking, gangly and ridiculously uncoordinated as a dancer or performer, and just a GOOD voice and good writing.....her producers are genius-tracks and dance beats top of the game.....but come on people? madonna was a genius, an original.....this girl is a patch quilt of the best of Madonna, Grace jones....and anybody else with a special gimmic she can fuck up. Look up the girl who used to have a soul- pre-KAKA(shit)....she was a beautiful soul with powerful words...now? WTF?...however well filmed....it isn't genius , but ridiculous-the star of this video is a soul-less, dead zombie sold out to the highest bidder-really a trained monkey for idiots who need a shock-gaga is officially off my ipod with this disgraceful, distasteful and lame Madonna copycat vid.......Madonna was stunning and sexy-u could get past the edgy religious tone- but gaga? ha

posted by pdiculous on Jun 10, 2010

pathetic-no coordination-no style-just a bad fuckin copycat of madonna

posted by f on Jun 10, 2010

the music was beautiful, the video was horrible. why is it necessary to take the lyrics from a great song and make it sacrilegious. no respect for God? i can't wait til you meet him.

posted by chloe on Jun 10, 2010