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Lady GaGa - Eh, Eh (Nothing Else I Can Say)

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oh my god i love gaga i love this video I LOVE YOUUUUUU!!!!!!!!!!

posted by secend gaga on Nov 10, 2010

im getting bored of lady gaga and beyonce why dont they do some other thing :S before they get a thirth part of telelphone and her drug things with crazy dresses xD im just saying no ofence

posted by who cares on May 01, 2010

ummmm...y cant i c the video??? If its about the stupid shit with sony not lettin anybody watch anything i am seriously gonna kill the this is rediculous but i luv the song by gaga

posted by aqua on Dec 30, 2009

i luv her

posted by miss attitude on Dec 11, 2009

i love it lady

posted by carla mae on Sep 28, 2009

ilove the way you sing and dance!!i am so gaga!!!

posted by gaga lover on Sep 12, 2009

Thank god I can replace Madonna.

posted by music lover on Jul 29, 2009

i cant see it! I AM in america, though. whats wrong???? WAAAA

posted by Growlrfg on Jun 27, 2009

ilove lady gaga she is hot she is the best singer @ dancer. i love this song

posted by Lyric on Apr 03, 2009

she is the best singer i love your music and your hot!:)

posted by jay91 on Apr 02, 2009

hi everyone it is me the one and only lady gaga

posted by lady gaga on Mar 19, 2009

hi everyone it is me the one and only lady gaga

posted by lady gaga on Mar 19, 2009

Again.. Gotta give her 100% credit she is amazingly awesome.. she is soo unique and talented.. i love her soo much x

posted by GagaGrayson on Mar 16, 2009


posted by Eh Eh (Nothing Else on Feb 05, 2009