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Justin Bieber - Never Let You Go

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All this talk about justin but not about Paige shood Paige in my eyes is the star of this video

posted by Ruffviperboy on Jul 04, 2011

i love this song sooo much u really do sings great songs love u

posted by tiffany on May 29, 2011

Omg justin. If there 10 stars I'll give you that. I hope someday can meet you and you'll never let me go babe :*

posted by deninta from indones on Nov 13, 2010

Wish you could come to my house to sing to me I love your singing\ music.Ican't wait to see you Justin Bieber at your my worldtour at the consol energy center in PA LOVE YOU from your biggest fan Brooke Grimes.

posted by SingingStone2 on Nov 11, 2010

hey justin bieber

posted by murtuxa on Oct 28, 2010

You are the best..

posted by ranii on Oct 19, 2010


posted by HASHIM KHAN on Oct 07, 2010

I LOVE U JUSTIN BIEBER .... I want go to Amerika !!! i cant watch your concert ,

posted by ardita rahma bieber on Oct 05, 2010

i love you justin, some day in the future we will be together but for now i love you

posted by angel20 on Sep 30, 2010

MIZZ BEIBER 4 EVER !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

posted by angel20 on Sep 30, 2010

you r so hot...and nice song..love you

posted by Eenie Meenie on Sep 29, 2010

<3 u bieber,..nice song...

posted by vivnaz^^ on Sep 20, 2010


posted by CARLY on Sep 15, 2010


posted by cool-girl(0164315817 on Sep 10, 2010

I really like your song and I also like you very much JUSTIN BIEBER,I hope you can come to MALAYSIA and see me, I really want to huge you JUSTIN BIEBER...

posted by flora on Sep 04, 2010

i ♥ u bieber !!!!

posted by nhaldie on Aug 17, 2010

I really like this song!!and I hope you can make more beautiful songs!!good luck and always take care!!

posted by lyzenethflores on Aug 16, 2010

LOVE the lyrics !

posted by ANI on Aug 14, 2010

I love you justin bieber and you come to indonesia donk

posted by Calloin~bieber~ on Aug 03, 2010

u is amazing......but u too proud of yourself

posted by babybieber_mxrk on Jul 30, 2010

i luv u justin bieber

posted by crazy_girl510 on Jul 30, 2010

i love and respect u

posted by shenelle on Jul 20, 2010

i love your song justin and you are cute and your lips are cute you are my favorate boy ever and every i full a sleep i dream about you justin ! bye

posted by mariah on Jul 15, 2010

i want justin bieber to merry me im 18

posted by tiffany on Jul 15, 2010

i love him all his songs guse like me

posted by tiffany on Jul 15, 2010

i love you song justin !

posted by mariah on Jul 14, 2010


posted by lild on Jul 10, 2010

Hy JB, I love your song, n I always here your song when I get angry... Your songs always make me smile n thinking about you how handsome you are... 085252100164 this my number handphone,,, I have some story about my life.... Because I belive you....

posted by hesti maria on Jul 03, 2010

I luv this video its really cool,nd pretty much gurls like it...

posted by (=*Gomez*=) on Jun 30, 2010

Justin u r hot ur songs nd ur image u just winsone,engaging absolutely handsome

posted by melbah 4rm s.a u hot on Jun 22, 2010

justin marry me?!!

posted by naddy on Jun 22, 2010

Hy im a singer 2 i wanna sing wit u col me wen ya in s.A 0787349974

posted by Melbah on Jun 22, 2010


posted by mrs.bieber on Jun 17, 2010

i luv dis song as much as i luv u.IM UR #1 FAN &UR #1 WIFEY:)

posted by mrs.bieber on Jun 16, 2010

i luv it! ur awsum:)luv ya:)

posted by mrs.bieber on Jun 15, 2010

i luv it ur awsum:)my guy! luv ya:)

posted by mrs.bieber on Jun 15, 2010

im mrs.bieber:)

posted by mariah on Jun 14, 2010

i have 121 posters of u i luv u:) soooo much!

posted by mariah on Jun 14, 2010

im obsessed i luv ur songs

posted by mariah on Jun 14, 2010

hi justin i want to see u in love with me and hang out and go out for a date soon when u get back to kamloops jade

posted by jade on Jun 09, 2010

eu amo vc eu tenho tudo seu poster revista imagens eu tenho sua foto no orkyt vc é um gato lindo maravilho suas musicas são lindas eu adoro a musica baby eu ja fiz o teste sobre vc e acertei tudo te amo justin drew bieiber

posted by laura on Jun 09, 2010

I think that thesse songs are good not that good sincerly, anahi:)

posted by Anahi on Jun 08, 2010

i im so in love with u!! i cant help it i love ur songs!im a singer 2 i wish u can tell somebody to help me i am really good in i love beyonce 2.so if u can call me 901-301-5057 im in memphis,TN.thank u

posted by Ms.justin beiber wif on Jun 08, 2010

You we're so cute in this video, i love youuu so muchhhh

posted by Sandra marina on Jun 07, 2010

I love u Justin

posted by Mary on Jun 07, 2010

Justin i am sorry i reallly like u

posted by lil cutie on Jun 06, 2010

Hey jb its so amazin how u became famous world wide so fas omg ! I luv ur music n u the best !

posted by The shiest girl u\'l on May 30, 2010


posted by JB on May 30, 2010


posted by mrs.bieber on May 27, 2010

I love ur songs gr8 justin

posted by Never let u go on May 25, 2010

ur video is so very nice but i dnt like the gurl!

posted by nicky on May 23, 2010

i love this song because it let me think of justin bieber

posted by ashley on May 22, 2010


posted by ssssssssstt on May 21, 2010

hey justin i luuuuv ya n i no we going owt i will always luv ya

posted by someone soooo cute on May 20, 2010

u r asum

posted by skyler on May 20, 2010

I like JB's (justin bieber and jonas brothers) XxX

posted by evelien on May 19, 2010

Not To Bad , , ,

posted by IndaH on May 15, 2010


posted by MARLY on May 15, 2010

OMG those meanies justin bieber is NOT gay!

posted by ~miz~bieber~ on May 15, 2010

justin biber do u like girls with brown eyes and brown hair.what kind of hair curly ,straight ,or wavy

posted by anna33141 on May 14, 2010

hey justin beiber that was a great clip u r so cute and talented and u take alot of respect for girls and we dont find many guys in the world like u so feel special for ur talent an honesty i luv u JUSTIN DREW BIEBER XOXOXO an i wish i was that girl in da clip those girls are lucky to ever be in a clip with you!i am in love with you and i will always be!

posted by ~mizbieber~ on May 14, 2010

omg justin i luv u heaps i wish u were mine!

posted by ~miz~bieber~ on May 14, 2010

hi Justin I hope you remembered me I want to tell you You are the best in the world You are the best singers Good luck Remember me forever

posted by Ilove you Justin on May 11, 2010

hi Justin Im lena do you remember my Ilove thas song Never Let You Go ilove thas song so matsh and ilove you so math remember my ok see you

posted by lena on May 11, 2010

Hey Justin, your a really good singer and dancer, you really have talent. Oh and being a star you probly already know this but, the people who make fun of you are just being rude, you have talent and they have nothing better to do so don't forget your really good and don't let them get you down. Keep up the good work , your awsome. Peace!

posted by Savi on May 09, 2010

not only is justin the most adorable teenage boy out there, but he is such a gentleman and really knows how to treat a girl with the respect she deserves. i love you justin baby! beautiful video :) i love this song xxx

posted by demi :) on May 03, 2010

im am alittle like those girls cuze i think u r cute n sweet but i need to no more about u but there is no but i8 lke u but that yellin is stupid i live n lathrop

posted by markia on Apr 30, 2010

please call

posted by markia on Apr 30, 2010

hi my name is markia i really like u im not like all those other girls they r always yellin im not like that. i really want to chat if u want to dis my number 2093906053 u really will like me. as n a friend we will b close thank u 4 your time

posted by markia on Apr 30, 2010

all da haters i swear they look so small from up here cuz ur AWESOME don't listen to those people making fun of you from ur numba 1 fan a.k.a meeeeee

posted by justinbieberluverxox on Apr 28, 2010

woooohooooo justin bieber rocks i love him and i really wish i could meet him but i probably cant cuz hes super famous and i can't possibly meet him unless i become famous!!!!! o yay now i wanna be famous wait for me justin!

posted by meeeeee on Apr 28, 2010

i love this kid

posted by meeeeee on Apr 28, 2010

hey justin beiber that was a great clip u r so cute and talented and u take alot of respect for girls and we dont find many guys in the world like u so feel special for ur talent an honesty i luv u JUSTIN DREW BIEBER XOXOXO an i wish i was that girl in da clip those girls are lucky to ever be in a clip with you

posted by cheyenne mary fairy on Apr 28, 2010

hey justin bieber you are a rock on justin bieber

posted by kimmybaby28 on Apr 28, 2010

hellow justin beiber

posted by divina on Apr 27, 2010

i wish that i waz that girl bc i luv u so much and u really need 2 come 2 Tennessee!!

posted by Kayla Bieber on Apr 27, 2010

this is the girl from Everybody Hates Chris

posted by sabrina frith on Apr 27, 2010

omg i love all of justins songs n i really wanna meet him!!x lve u justinxxx

posted by tash grainger on Apr 25, 2010

I love Justin and all of his songs sooo much I wish he would follow me on Twitter plz plz hope he reads this

posted by Karla smith on Apr 25, 2010

I love you Justin because you are so handsome and kute. But one things special i things you sing as well. Good luck Justin !

posted by diana on Apr 25, 2010

hey this jessica oneal i love your music but i dont know why a lot of girl like you when thay dont even know you i know i dont know you one day can you here me sing my frinds say i cant sing but maybe one day some one will like my singing i said to much sorry i love your music justin

posted by jessica on Apr 24, 2010


posted by <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 on Apr 24, 2010

JustinBieber, is't my favorite singer. e is verry cute and i love cheesee!!♥

posted by JustinBieber♥ on Apr 24, 2010

hola soy meli de argentina queria decirte justin que apesar que vos este lejos te quiero un monton y te seguire queriendo por siempre y para siempre hasta que al fin te conosca

posted by melisa on Apr 24, 2010

soy meli de argentina y aunque te cosca por tus cansiones te quiero por sienpre lindo

posted by melisa on Apr 24, 2010

justin vos sos para mi una persona muy inportante te quiero besos

posted by melisa on Apr 24, 2010

justin te admiro por que tus cansiones siempre llegan al corazon y me gustaria conocerte y poder conversar con vos sobre tus cansiones

posted by melisa on Apr 24, 2010

justin sos mejor persona que conosi

posted by melisa on Apr 24, 2010

justn te re quiero un monton

posted by melisa on Apr 24, 2010

Such a good vid !! I love it :D

posted by Jessica on Apr 22, 2010

ewwwwwwwwwwwww its so ugly!!!i realy hate justin bieber

posted by bad girl on Apr 19, 2010

hey u rock

posted by carly on Apr 18, 2010

Hey! Justin....to tell u the truth, you are really great & lovely. All ma frens r a big fan of yr's....they always sing & dance to yr's music...they says that u should never b apart...

posted by SENG on Apr 15, 2010

Hey Justin bieber can you have me your 2 CD your new one and your old CD I am a Big fan my cousin likes you she say you are hot like fire.

posted by Like you Justin bieb on Apr 15, 2010

Hey Justin it's me again I 4got 2 tell u that It always b my dreams 2 sing and i wuz born 2 SING. Tust me I've been singing 4 4 years. I am an profesanol. Again my adress is 2966 Theresa Dr. Newbury Park. I hope u come and let my dreams 2 come true.

posted by Jasmine on Apr 13, 2010

Hey Justin could b your soloest 4 1 of your songs.Intrasted. Trust me u will lov my VIOCE. If u need me go 2 2966 Theresa Dr. Newbury Park,CA

posted by Jasmine on Apr 13, 2010

u r so hot and cool i hope that we can meet someday

posted by my world on Apr 12, 2010

I love all of your videos, you are so cute and if you need a date call me. Look me up.

posted by Jenny on Apr 12, 2010

I love this song is the best well they are all awesome and I LOVE JUSTIN BIEBER <3 dhg who dosent he is adorable hahaaa =)

posted by LILY on Apr 11, 2010

I Lovv vvv thissss s videooo o!!!! !!! AND I LOVE JUSTINN N BIEBERRR R!!! !!! !!

posted by lili on Apr 11, 2010

justin bieber is a great singer. you have lots of fans here in the philippines. Your song baby was no. 1 in our daily countdown 3 consecutive weeks. i'm hoping you could have CONCERT here in the philippines. we really adore you! you're so cute. god speed and take care. don't mind those people who hate you., they're just jealous.you have lots of fans here and everywhere.so, don't mind them.:)

posted by jhane on Apr 11, 2010

--do "stuck in the moment and favorite girl" have a videO?? .. ☺ love lots . jB ! mua ..

posted by --ishiin.hitaroϖ on Apr 11, 2010

JUSTIIIIINNN You're so CUTE This MV can be really awesome if there's no the girl like that ..

posted by thieka on Apr 10, 2010

they make u feel sad dont it read all ur commets and look down u see things that make u feel so sad thats way u must not pay them any mind

posted by have a nice day on Apr 10, 2010

i love ur music but i am not over u like all of ur comments u see there

posted by hair too long on Apr 10, 2010

this song made me cry i love him so much

posted by ilove u on Apr 10, 2010

It is GREAT! I love Justin's songs!! xoxoxox x

posted by skyemariesmith on Apr 10, 2010

i love it

posted by Ally14 on Apr 10, 2010

thiz song iz too gud...jst luv it..justin lov u

posted by rincin on Apr 10, 2010

justin you so got me in trouble thank u so much love you

posted by fatima+jb on Apr 10, 2010

i♥ j.b

posted by zmeme on Apr 09, 2010

i love the songs and him but the girl.....no

posted by tiwi on Apr 09, 2010

realy cool love him and hes sonngs

posted by j.b on Apr 08, 2010

really cool........... but the girl... justin and her totally not perfect... its better if it is jasmine villegas... but no offense 2 da gurl...... but i still love justin bieber....

posted by myka on Apr 07, 2010

I'm a 41 yr old dad of a 13yr old daughter, and i bought her Justin's My World 2.0 for Easter. I've listened to a lot of RnB in my time and this young lad is a fabulous talent. I'm a 41yr old dude, and I can't stop pinching my daughters Justin Bieber cd!!!!

posted by Long Suffering Dad on Apr 07, 2010

OMG hes sooo cuteee lyk!!! i absolutley adore him!!! arghh girl in da video brez lucky!! <3 ly JB xxxxx

posted by Laila on Apr 07, 2010

I love Justin Bieber vce beautiful'm your fan Others reply me on twitter @ rayssagatababy

posted by rayssa on Apr 06, 2010

i hate guys that say that you are a gay are baby are that somethings!!! i love you justin and i hope that you so mutch come tho belgium!! please i am your biggest fan!!!

posted by Femke on Apr 06, 2010

love this song

posted by bianca on Apr 05, 2010

hello!! love this song... i love you

posted by veronica anabella fe on Apr 05, 2010

It's great..I love it. Justin is my favorite singer(:

posted by teodora on Apr 05, 2010

i heart this song

posted by ashelyzadi on Apr 05, 2010

i luv this song so much

posted by ashely z on Apr 05, 2010

I love Justin Bieber. This song is amazing!!!! I am a big fan of the Polish:)

posted by Kamila on Apr 05, 2010

very nice!!!!

posted by rose on Apr 05, 2010

this video is amazing and really expresses the meaning of the song.

posted by bebabieber on Apr 05, 2010

Very good clip when it launched the clipequando I cried even went to see my brothers said that they looked like a beast but it moved me not know why, but I emocioone. It was very beautiful yourself!

posted by Deza on Apr 05, 2010


posted by NikkyGarcia15 on Apr 05, 2010

I love this video very very Muchh It's AMAZING ...lOVE u Justin Bieber <3 :P:D

posted by Leoniita on Apr 05, 2010

Wow this was great!!!!

posted by Jolie on Apr 04, 2010


posted by MISS CUTE! on Apr 04, 2010

nice! :)

posted by mikha on Apr 04, 2010

:) :) :) :) :)

posted by mikha on Apr 04, 2010

i love all your video justin and you hottttttttt

posted by kam on Apr 04, 2010

i love this video and i love to be in this vedeo

posted by elizabethwillis on Apr 03, 2010

Justin bieber ur awsome and your voice is beautiful when u sing i just start crying LOVE U

posted by Amy\\tasha$ on Apr 03, 2010

never mind I will give you more stars because you are so awsome and cute

posted by Sugar Girl 123 on Apr 01, 2010

I love Justin Bieber he is so cute I love his songs.

posted by Sugar Girl 123 on Apr 01, 2010

i already love him that just makes me love him even more

posted by mrs Bieber on Apr 01, 2010

i love justin bieber's songs there arsome!! please make some new songs soon? good luck justin bye x

posted by josie rooney on Apr 01, 2010


posted by love on Apr 01, 2010

i lve yur sngs thier very goog and i lke the way u sing and u are so sexy and hot

posted by ashlee harden on Apr 01, 2010

i love when he is on the beach...he looks soo hot there and this song is really good..i love Justin Bieber

posted by bieber_fever012 on Apr 01, 2010


posted by ROXY on Apr 01, 2010

Haters are fags

posted by coolguy on Mar 31, 2010

Follow On Twitter If u LOVE Pop&Hip/Hop! IT's all I TWEET! @NessaLovesMusic

posted by NessaLovesMusic on Mar 31, 2010

soooo cute

posted by sangali1000 on Mar 31, 2010

Best justin vid eva...i love you justin

posted by Jazmyne on Mar 31, 2010

ewwww he's hott

posted by bieber blast forever on Mar 31, 2010


posted by PEACHES on Mar 31, 2010

Whyy You All So Harsh Mann,, Yeahh Hes Fit And Stuff,, Andd I'm A Bigg Fann,, Butt The Sado's Really Are The People That Waist There Time On Postin Horrible Comments!!! So Leave Im Allone Its Just Coz Your Al Jelous That You Do It !! Gorgouss Vidd Justin Lovee Yaa :) xxx

posted by Dotty :) on Mar 31, 2010

Justin bieber...LAMOO

posted by lsoer191 on Mar 30, 2010

JUsITN BIEBER IS STUPID AND LAME!!! he is way worst then the jonas brother..and trust me i loathe the jonas brother

posted by SUCKER101 on Mar 30, 2010

JUSTIN BIEBER IS GAY!! I mean all the stupid fans are supporting him just cuz his looks ! IM a girl for ur info

posted by Loser101 on Mar 30, 2010

J.B. <3

posted by i\'mgood on Mar 30, 2010

I love this video and i love you justin bieber!!

posted by vaanii on Mar 30, 2010

I think it is very good I love you justin

posted by jessika on Mar 30, 2010

i love justin and he is my man

posted by mrs.bieber on Mar 30, 2010

He's better than you gay fags trashing him, go get a life. GET BACK IN YOUR CAGE!

posted by JUSTINBIEBERISAWESOM on Mar 30, 2010

Dudes if your gonna make a fuss ... Make it on Your favourite Vids if you dont like it dont watch or Post anything about it ! Thats Just mean and Pointless ... Sorry ! Justin Nice Video and People Suscribe Lil Man

posted by Little Man Beadles on Mar 30, 2010

Riight all You sadoesz Get a liifee Stop gettiin ah hiim for beiing Good Lemme c You guysz Make number one Songsz wiiv Fans over a Billion ;] One Fan less Me SO lill shiits get a life and let hiim live His in Peace he dont need you Guys he;s Got PROPER support

posted by Bumble.Ox\' on Mar 30, 2010

i love him (L)

posted by Byanka on Mar 30, 2010