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Jonas Brothers - Send It On

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this song is fantastic

posted by monica on Dec 29, 2010

this song is fantastic,

posted by monica on Dec 29, 2010

This song is the best. Miley,Demi and Jonas Brothers are just perfect.

posted by Zinn on Dec 04, 2010

this is awesome i love 2 hear this song many many many times as i can!!!!!!!! all the singers look perfect this time jonas brodrs were great,miley n demi are looking beautiful n selena is looking cute!!!!!!!!!

posted by ruhi on Nov 19, 2010

i love this song very much. they all my favourite stars

posted by ayushi on Nov 16, 2010

Superb song!!

posted by Supriya on Aug 30, 2010

i luv this song very much miley is looking so pritty and cool like selena always

posted by miley with alll on Aug 20, 2010

i just luuuuuuuuv this song

posted by manisha on Aug 13, 2010

I love this song so so so much it is the best song at the whole of world and I think jonas , demi , selena and miley make a good team and miley and nick make a good couple and joe and demi make a good couple and kiven and selena make a good couple

posted by lily on Aug 02, 2010

I Love This Song It Is Perfect So Awesome.

posted by Deandrea on Jun 21, 2010

that is really a perfect song..! I Love this Song..^_*

posted by bieLa on May 24, 2010

Ustedes son de lo mejor. Es un gran video. Encerio son geniales..Sigan así Nunk kambien.

posted by Prisci on May 23, 2010

all must tour together

posted by jemi on May 02, 2010

I want to whatch it just this.

posted by saeed on Apr 26, 2010

To whatch it.

posted by saeed on Apr 26, 2010

esse e o melhor video q eu ja vi em toda a minha vida!!!

posted by bianca on Apr 25, 2010

this song is great!! i really like it;i think most of us do.

posted by song.lover on Mar 16, 2010

the song is extreamly good and too gives a nice message.

posted by hafsa on Mar 15, 2010

i luv this song

posted by mmm on Mar 10, 2010

perfect song!!i love it... :D

posted by i love you!! on Mar 10, 2010

nick & miley (L)

posted by yiizZeelythaw on Mar 07, 2010

it stinks. one of u will die soon ha-ha-ha-ha-ha

posted by devil on Feb 20, 2010

i love it. its the best song i'v ever heard . ist awsome. miley you were the best all.second selena and third others

posted by deepti on Feb 20, 2010

demi you rock! you're the best! the others werw cool too, but she was THE BEST! she's got an amazing voice!!!!

posted by me on Feb 06, 2010

i love it

posted by brigi on Jan 28, 2010

hey guys this video is that i hear everyday and i want to download it's video but i can't because i don't know that how to download it i love this video very...... much!!!!!

posted by Miley Efron on Jan 18, 2010

WOOOOWWWW>>..... this is good videos Demi i love u

posted by patricoes on Jan 09, 2010

this song is one of my favorites in each of these singers/ actors songs i love u jonas brothers even my b.f.f loves u guys it's all we ever talk about any ways we love yall. p.s miley u and nick make a cute couple i know u to say that u'r just friends but thats just my opinion. any waysn stay cool and remember we love u guys. mwah

posted by just cute on Dec 19, 2009

wooow thats great. ooooooooooh i love that song. jonas brothers are always amazin,i love you joe.and im agree with tayna,nick & miley should be together. selena i like you but pls go out of nick's life.miley you are the best pop star and rock star.also jonas brothers.joeeeeeeeee :-* i love your voice.i love you

posted by hannah on Dec 11, 2009

wooooooooooow i love that song.i think miley and nick should be together again and selena sholdent wait for nick,cuse nich is onley for miley.and i really really really really love you joe.you are the best.miley you are always the beautiful star.and nick you are amazing.

posted by tayna on Dec 11, 2009

love this video way too much! Where's the download link? (:

posted by JoBroFreak18 on Dec 11, 2009

Ben Türk'üm ama bu müzik gerçekten bi harika.Selena nın hayranı oldum :D

posted by AllY on Dec 08, 2009

selena gomez roxxx

posted by saksham on Dec 02, 2009

i can jst say dat ppl don go on luks as selena is far far better in luks if u can c n selena has no ego she a gr8 singer i lvu sel n demi u 2

posted by khushi on Nov 21, 2009

nick is so cute, awesome n perfect in this video with a very soft n sweet voice...joe's also so sweet but his voice rocks....n miley, she is like into the song :) cute couples except salea n kevin....is demi datin with joe?

posted by niley lover on Nov 13, 2009

Nick is soooo cute i love him 2 much, miley should'nt b there with nick, cuz she's no a all cute......

posted by xzi on Nov 13, 2009

niley rocks z r z best couple should get back 2gether selena should stay away frm nick he is only 4miley!!!!

posted by niley rocks 4eva on Nov 01, 2009

luv u miley u had great voice...selena n demi also rocks but miley is a star

posted by disney rocks on Nov 01, 2009

nice song.

posted by janice on Oct 11, 2009

Not only is this an amazing song, but it is also to raise awareness about our planet :) they should all be proud that they are doing something to make the world a better place :) love you always <3

posted by Aly on Oct 03, 2009

wow, they all sound so good :) all of them have so much talent and they sound great when they put that talent together <3 Keep up the great work :) i love you forever :)

posted by NickJonasLover on Oct 03, 2009

wooooooooooooooooooooow that is te most ameizin video of disney recors

posted by brian e perez on Oct 02, 2009

wo0o0o0o0ow jonas brothers tha't averey perfect vedio i love it so much it was cute .... a verey nice vedio selena you are acool siger i love you too (f ,k ,l)

posted by love on Oct 02, 2009

that's a verey cute song .... i love so much jonas brothers wo•o•o•0o0w (l)(k)

posted by real madrid on Oct 02, 2009

Very Good, Nick Goes High. Kevin Cool The others are cute together. i love this song and the video. Love Nick's Plane impression kind of like them flying high if they believe. 5 STARS guys love it

posted by Kursedfire on Sep 30, 2009


posted by niki on Sep 15, 2009

i luv this so so much i luv how demi and joe sing together and joe looks at demi with that sweet smile they should date miley should not be in it cuz than it would ruin the movie and i think kevin and selena should sing more to the song lol luv ya guyz

posted by _Joe_Jonas_123 on Sep 11, 2009

i love dis song it rocks big fan of selena i think this song is off earth i love it and me personally i think tht miley was graet and demi is fab as alwaysz, jonas bro are wiked 2 !! i can liten too this agen and agen its just tooooo good !! :-) =)

posted by zashi on Sep 09, 2009

kewl song i lyk it a lot n its jus a shame dat selena gomez and kevin jonas didnt gt 2 sing a bit more but overall da song was gud

posted by Jasmine on Sep 03, 2009

I thought it was excellent just like my rating i thought it was great that they sing this song together and the videowas great :)

posted by Christy on Sep 02, 2009

i love this song miley should not be in the group her voice is bad emily osment should of been there or brenda song

posted by i*love*demi*selena*j on Aug 30, 2009

nick you rock

posted by onesia on Aug 29, 2009

i loove dis song and im mileys numba 1 fan she did great i like demi and selena 2 dey did good as well

posted by clasiiq barbi on Aug 28, 2009

i am more a fan of demi and selena but i liked miley too in this song it was awsome now i know every single line even backround lines and i've watched 24 times in 1 hour well around that

posted by sexy15 on Aug 25, 2009

I love dis song it is awesome

posted by Bigkingjj14 on Aug 23, 2009

i cant get enough of it

posted by chon on Aug 20, 2009

i love dis song demi has a great voice xxxx

posted by lollypopzz on Aug 20, 2009

demi lovato has a strong voice and She is very awesome i think that selena has a greet voice i love this song waaaaaaaaaaaaaaw

posted by zina on Aug 18, 2009

I liked this song and video, but they're both a little cheesy. I didn't like how miley and nick opened the song, but their voices do blend. But selena gomez made some harmony in some of the verses, and I wanted to hear her voice more. And Kevin must be a real bad singer if he doesn't even get to sing in the song. No offense, but he should sing more, too.

posted by Mo on Aug 16, 2009


posted by MARIA ANGEL SPORTING on Aug 16, 2009


posted by UR GAY on Aug 16, 2009


posted by NIGGA on Aug 16, 2009

Kevin has a good voice! His is low. If you listen for him you can hear him in the harmonies too.

posted by Minnie on Aug 16, 2009

I love nick but he really needs to enunciate his words lol. I think all of them are good singers. Kevin does sing but mostly in the background, his voice is more of a blending voice then a solo voice and I think Selena's voice is good too, I don't know what people are talking about. I like Demi too but at the end of every line she sings she squeaks.

posted by Tothemoon on Aug 16, 2009

fyi this is the last season 4 hannah monatana cuz miley cant stay and hang with these amaters ... selena

posted by lol21 on Aug 16, 2009

i love this song. y yall hating on miley she is awsome but i also like demi and selena's voice sound so squeky=)

posted by xoxoxo on Aug 16, 2009

Of course selena gomez sings very :(

posted by Alice on Aug 15, 2009

I love this video, I love all theme!!!!!!

posted by yes on Aug 15, 2009

I have nothing against selena gomez but her voice just doesn't fit with the others

posted by on Aug 15, 2009

the song was great but just wish there was a little less of miley and more of demi and selena

posted by awesome!!! on Aug 15, 2009

i loved the songs, but it wasn't just the jobros that sang, and not just miley either..they're called disney's friends for change..so just say that, instead of singling out names..jeez

posted by wtheck? on Aug 15, 2009

I agree about Selena Gomez. At 1:52 her harmony makes the verse. She has a very awesome and powerful voice, she just isn't as well known yet.

posted by Mary on Aug 15, 2009

I think Selena's voice is very good. I don't understand why no one else thinks that. Her harmony is amazing and the song wouldn't sound as good with out that.

posted by nine on Aug 15, 2009

I think Selena's voice is amazing. I don't know why other people don't. Their voices all fit well in this video, they wouldn't sound as good without that harmony.

posted by none on Aug 15, 2009

i adore this video is fucking great

posted by koketa on Aug 15, 2009

totally amazin guys.. jonas brothers <3 i love you..x

posted by Jonas_Lover..x on Aug 15, 2009

i love it.. its amazin!!

posted by gemma92 on Aug 15, 2009

I think ye should say miley cyrus jonas brothers demi lovato and selena gomez instead of just jonas brothers nd miley sings most..!

posted by sara on Aug 14, 2009

i love dat song b4 the storm + send it on are my fav songs!!

posted by mileys no1 fan on Aug 14, 2009

i would give it 5 but selena is n it but miley looks great x0x0

posted by laura on Aug 14, 2009

I LOVE IT!!!! i think the song is gr8 and so is the video. miley and nick are soo cute 2gether!! and so are demi and joe! i think it is amazing and i cant stop listening 2 it! x..x..x..x..x..x...x

posted by amiee on Aug 14, 2009

Very good song but i wish selena wuz in it mor!! :) It wuz all awesome exept the Jo Bros!! Nvr card 4 themm at all!! :)

posted by Smilerz97 on Aug 14, 2009

I think they shouled of never put selena gomez in the video if souled of been better if it was only jonas brothers and miley Cyrus with demi lovato I give it a five takeing out selena gomez ! !

posted by Nick lover ! ! ! on Aug 14, 2009

i love this song soo much!! this song is soo touching!! ilove that they sings together..they all sings great!i cant stop listening to it!!miley looks great and selena too... love it!!!<3<3<3<3<3=D

posted by Lynn on Aug 14, 2009

At 0:18 it seems like miley's crying... sweet.. niley!!! I agree with sara.. it must be the jonas brothers, miley cyrus and...!

posted by Sandra on Aug 14, 2009