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Jonas Brothers - When You Look Me in the Eyes

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this song is really my favorite song i love this song..and i'm jonas brother die hard fan .

posted by mosejovan on Apr 20, 2012

u are the best i wanna meet u

posted by gauri on Sep 29, 2010

while listening this song i almost cried. ilooooooove it

posted by shweta on Mar 13, 2010

osome!!! song and video this is a really touching one. i love you!!!!

posted by shweta on Mar 13, 2010

This video is very cool

posted by Jonilson do Carmo-An on Feb 21, 2010

This video is very cool

posted by Jonilson do Carmo-An on Feb 21, 2010

i love this song this is my fav i love nick very much but i hate joe and kevin on the whole i love jonas brothers

posted by kiran on Feb 19, 2010

it's awesome

posted by shivi on Feb 06, 2010

i <3 nick! joes amazing when he's on the piano. and i love kevins guitar skills! =)

posted by Alie on Jul 20, 2009

I love Joe. You are my life! You are the best. You are wonderful. Nick are nice...

posted by Claudia on Jun 16, 2009

its awsm..!!!

posted by mahi on Jun 14, 2009

love u guys. jonas brothers rock

posted by shelja on May 25, 2009

Hi,jonas brothers.I m biggest fan of you guys.'When you look me in the eyes' is my fav. song.It touches my heart when i used to hear it.Keep rocking.

posted by Bhaskar Sharma-India on May 16, 2009

all the videos arevery sad and joe ilake you joe becouse you are very cute

posted by Alexis on May 16, 2009

where can i download this video

posted by alib on Apr 26, 2009


posted by Dominique on Mar 01, 2009

Thank you,Miley.You are my best friend,too!! Thank you Guy'z for Ur' comment for me,I love U Guy'z!!!

posted by Nick Jonas on Jan 15, 2009

Nick Jonas still the best of the best man,like my song "One In a Million". Rock Jonas Brothers!!!

posted by Miley Cyrus on Jan 15, 2009

This song is so awesome i love you guys :D keep on singing you guys are very talented.

posted by Cheesepoofs1314 on Jan 01, 2009

wooow this song i very lovee.. :*:*:*:*

posted by darina on Dec 24, 2008

Jessica Ramirez! Loves Joe Jonas

posted by Jonas Brothers on Dec 04, 2008

I Love you Guys! send me Message

posted by Jonas Brothers on Dec 04, 2008

Hi: Jonas Brothers I Love you miss you lot than and much and much FANS Excellent work this songs! Goodbye!

posted by Jonas Brothers on Dec 04, 2008

my friend loves u nick and all she talks about is u ur songs all rock AMBER 4 NICK 4 EVA

posted by amber loves nick on Dec 04, 2008

I love the Jonas brothers and Joe,Nick,and Kevin are Sexy

posted by katie on Nov 28, 2008

this is the best song!! i love nick j!!

posted by terri on Nov 04, 2008

I love all ur songs guys yall r the best ur songs rock the world!!!!!!!!! :-)

posted by NickJonas\'s girl fr on Oct 30, 2008

Hay Boy's if your out there do yuo still wont an Aussie Girl coz i'm Free!!

posted by Casey on Oct 26, 2008


posted by Casey on Oct 26, 2008

I love you Joe and Nick,kiven ?What do you lik to eat JOE and,Kiven?

posted by JOe on Oct 11, 2008

I love u gus u are best of the best more than I know ur music rocks the earth

posted by Anita on Oct 07, 2008

I LOVE THIS SONg. Jonas Brothers Rock !!!

posted by ALXXXX on Oct 04, 2008

i luv this song this is definetly my wedding song its so beautiful luv da jo bros 4 eva

posted by jonasbros4lyf on Sep 15, 2008

Nick&Joe is SO HOTT!!!!!!!! I wish their were my AGE!!!!

posted by Tinker Bell on Aug 30, 2008

all were looking tooooooooooooo cute but nick was the best like always

posted by nancy on Aug 09, 2008

They look cool and the song was so awsome....

posted by Khmer on Aug 06, 2008

I love this song soo much ;; this is my wedding song ;; i got it planned

posted by Mrs Nick Jonas on Jul 31, 2008

i love you guys you rock, ceeb the gd wirk up

posted by noni on Jul 18, 2008

i love this song!!! i also LOVE nick and joe. they are sooooooooooooo hoooooooootttttttt!!!!!but nick is mine!! sorry ladies!!

posted by nicks girlfriend on Jul 11, 2008


posted by trong on Jun 22, 2008
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