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Keri Hilson - Knock You Down (Feat. Kanye West and Ne-Yo)

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Super video

posted by Razdp89 on Apr 08, 2012

i love this music video and ooh keri's hairstyle in this music video is da bomb.

posted by mirax on Sep 20, 2010

lovely shoes ;)

posted by altusha)) on Apr 12, 2010

love this song

posted by joe on Feb 26, 2010

I totally agree this song is the shizz!

posted by Simone on Dec 20, 2009

you arew rally good singer and you have a great voice and song to sing and say

posted by dell on Dec 15, 2009

am in love with this particular song

posted by killo on Dec 03, 2009

dis is the best song that ive herd in 2 years, keri hilson u are my idol

posted by dis is awsome on Dec 03, 2009

Love this song so much

posted by julie hilson on Oct 04, 2009

super > :)

posted by Muradik on Sep 07, 2009

Two thumbs up for you fellas Bueno suerto

posted by Shangel on Sep 04, 2009

great stuff

posted by mad-d on Aug 31, 2009

i like dis video

posted by lucky on Aug 22, 2009

This song is the ish, no exageration but i've listened to it like 50times today, i love u girl.

posted by Supasofi on Aug 19, 2009

This song is the ish, no exageration but i've listened to it like 50times today, i love u girl.

posted by Supasofi on Aug 19, 2009

That's my ringtone (: Great song, yo.

posted by Katie (; on Aug 07, 2009

why doesnt it come out:(

posted by 305 on Aug 06, 2009


posted by princess on Aug 02, 2009

o and also if u dont give it five or four stars IM gonna knock u down. :)

posted by mememe on Aug 01, 2009

this is a great song and i gave it five stars becuz it has great features and shows so much.so this is a wonderful song and u should all love it cuz i know i do

posted by mememe on Aug 01, 2009

great singing

posted by aqdude on Jul 31, 2009

awsome song

posted by silver_knight on Jul 30, 2009

I LOVE this song very much!!Her voice is the best!

posted by Kinisimere Talei on Jul 23, 2009


posted by shf on Jul 16, 2009

ftrhzyxhjuzxw3cyu caswq3cbn asqw

posted by cutey99 on Jul 14, 2009


posted by kela on Jul 10, 2009


posted by mee on Jul 03, 2009

need to take some singing lessons bra

posted by derkiu`124 on Jul 02, 2009

i love this knock you down song.

posted by licka stick on Jul 01, 2009


posted by wee on Jul 01, 2009

This song is the best song i have ever listened to. This song is great me downloaded it.

posted by Maddie on Jul 01, 2009

i luv dis song and i'm gonna keep listenin 2 it again n again

posted by Keri Hilson - Knock on Jul 01, 2009

=] =)

posted by e046154 on Jun 28, 2009

i love the song knock u down rock on

posted by ea046154 on Jun 28, 2009

U r so cool. I love ur songs

posted by stevie-anne hawea on Jun 24, 2009

ever green viedo

posted by swapy on Jun 24, 2009


posted by bjvf $$ mbbda on Jun 22, 2009

keri babe ,u did a great job. . .Love u nd yr works

posted by d.o!z@ (edosaefosa@y on Jun 17, 2009


posted by bianca on Jun 11, 2009

Da video is gr8 i lv it i saw it n i jst fel inlove wit it gr8 job girl

posted by Precious on Jun 09, 2009


posted by ROSE on Jun 08, 2009


posted by adam on May 31, 2009

I just lúv dis video

posted by Sumsun e 250 on May 23, 2009

i like dhiz song cz evry 1 who fall n luv iz gonna get knocked down no matter what so dhizz song hazz a lot of meanings

posted by tia aka smoochies on May 22, 2009

i like the song,its a classic from keri,keep it up

posted by hovibaby on May 12, 2009

its kinda weird

posted by your mums ass on May 08, 2009

girl,you did a GR8 job on this song!!! i love you!!! i love this song!!! nd it reminds me of ma boyfriend (weezy a.k.a Zazki)

posted by luver gal (a.k.a kra on May 01, 2009

Cool !

posted by cyma on Apr 30, 2009

The video is perfect same to the choreography. And Keri, you have a very good figure and you are pretty too. Keep up the good work

posted by Frankie on Apr 09, 2009

this son is hot keri

posted by olivire on Apr 02, 2009

Wot appened @ da end?

posted by Ya mum on Mar 30, 2009

it was cute nd i love ne-yo they woould make a great couple some what..

posted by Lashonza on Mar 30, 2009


posted by teeLOCA on Mar 28, 2009


posted by NBM on Mar 24, 2009

heartless knock you down!!!!!! EXCELLENT

posted by MALESHIA on Mar 24, 2009

this song is so great ilove it so keep doing your thing Keri Hilson.!!!!!

posted by milk on Mar 24, 2009

love this song

posted by nuybo on Mar 24, 2009

i loved it keep doing wat u doing yove ya

posted by breezy45 on Mar 24, 2009

i loved it

posted by breezt45 on Mar 24, 2009