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Keri Hilson - The Way You Love Me (Feat. Rick Ross)

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love you keri hilson

posted by andrea on Jan 21, 2011

stop haten she repin us women and young girls

posted by ultimate on Dec 28, 2010


posted by eric b. on Dec 22, 2010

appelative. I could forgive it if at least the song was nice.

posted by mari on Dec 10, 2010

Intro - HoT!! Video - NOT!! I am so confused why this route - totally unnecessary :( Signed a VERY DISAPPOINTEd KH Fan :(

posted by BklynGal on Dec 07, 2010

TRASH! PURE TRASH! Why Keri - Why! Your a better artist than this. Really, Really, Really Keri..SMDH over and over again!

posted by Keesh on Dec 07, 2010

Very Disappointing! Keri please do not ever release this

posted by KP on Dec 07, 2010

This video is TRASH! WHY WHY WHY! Keri Really, Reallly, ReallY! SMDH! over and over again.

posted by Keesh on Dec 07, 2010

How sad. This is a crying shame.

posted by Natalie on Dec 05, 2010

Go ahead and represent us Pretty Girls Ms. Hilson. We loving you.

posted by Diana4000 on Dec 03, 2010

So hot. Hot track to dance off. Can't wait to hit the club. Keep it going Keri

posted by Alma on Dec 03, 2010

Baddest chick on the scene right now.

posted by Honey2000 on Dec 03, 2010

Hot. Hot. Hot. Better than Missy Elliot Pussy Don't Fail Me Now. Just hot.

posted by mitch4000 on Dec 03, 2010

Keri Hilson is a NASTY B*tch!!!!I am soooo disappointed!!!She stooped wayyyyyy low on this one! WHAT IS THE POINT?

posted by Kamio on Dec 03, 2010

she had to stoop this low to sell records. too bad shes still a FLOP

posted by kerisucks on Dec 02, 2010

She tried.. but Fail!!!

posted by DaySOReal on Dec 02, 2010

im all for women exploring their sexuality but come on really?? this is wack

posted by smadr1d on Dec 02, 2010

the song is not hot anyway. Keri tryna get it where she fit it. she should have gone the pop/techno route and get her money there. her booty can't complete. LMAO shameless...booooo.

posted by lovedrea11 on Dec 01, 2010

that was the dumbest most unbelievable video in the world. That girl is a gospel singer...at best. fake ass shit.

posted by what the fuck on Dec 01, 2010

For such a beautiful woman, this amount of flesh on show is sooo unnecessary...

posted by Darling on Dec 01, 2010

We don't believe you Keri! This wasn't convincing at all! It just made you look pitiful...

posted by wizard on Dec 01, 2010

i just nutted

posted by 50 on Dec 01, 2010

Love the video it's raw!!!

posted by Rock on Nov 30, 2010

Shit Keri! What the?

posted by Lyric on Nov 30, 2010

WTF is this shit??? Keri has lost it

posted by Moderndayboy on Nov 30, 2010

I'm sorry but Keri Hilson has lost all of my respect. this video makes her look like a slut and it is very degrading towards black women. Shame on you Keri.

posted by gk712 on Nov 30, 2010

everybody hatin on this video she didnt do nuthin the rest of the female entertainers have done,go keri shake them haters off....

posted by cokeguy on Nov 30, 2010

wtf is keri on BAHAHAHA & the end where she licked the door lmfaooo im gona pee my pants ahahahaha

posted by elleayyhw on Nov 30, 2010

:O this girl has lost her mind!!!!

posted by wwwwwaaaatt on Nov 29, 2010

WHAT!!!! are you serious, her manager must not want like her... smh (can we say thirsty!)

posted by What!!!!!!!!!! on Nov 29, 2010


posted by runninrebel37 on Nov 29, 2010

She can't be for real.... and her booty way too flat to be making this kinda video... what was the point of this??! Can they play this on TV? On the radio?!

posted by heaven on Nov 29, 2010