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Taylor Swift - White Horse

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YOU abbie don't you ever say taylor is a suck you idiot you are the really sucks cause cant you see its just only a video bobo ka!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

posted by chao on Aug 22, 2013


posted by white horse on Dec 09, 2012


posted by jaspal on Dec 17, 2011

wow this is awesomeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

posted by taylor the beauty on Oct 13, 2010

this sad song touchs my heart....... oooh.... but I like this song and this video....

posted by Mr.$ on Sep 20, 2010

This song makes me cry.

posted by Kitten on Sep 06, 2010

This is a cute song.

posted by Kitten on Sep 06, 2010

taylor swift i wonder how she gets the boys

posted by breona wathen on May 30, 2010

hey i love ur songss...itz so sweet ..simlpe...n pakka meaninful

posted by lia on May 05, 2010

can relate luv it hepls me get ovr ppl

posted by strawberrylipglosslu on Mar 26, 2010

my fav singer taylor swift!!!! :D

posted by dinsh on Mar 22, 2010

i hate taylor swift and everything but for some reason i love this song hmm kinda weird i just wanted to see this song cuz my friend is always bugging me but then im like maybe i should listen to it

posted by taylorswiftsucks on Feb 02, 2010

i like this song i don't love it i just like it but taylor swift is still awsome xoxo sorry taylor just my opinion your still awsome come back to nashville where i live plz!

posted by loveegirl on Jan 31, 2010

i hate this song!!!!!!!! you suck taylor swift!

posted by abbbie on Jan 31, 2010

love love this song shes the best country singer in the world god bless you taylor swift. michaeljacksongirl i cried to haha lol

posted by sisigirl on Jan 31, 2010

i love this song it made me cried like literly made me cry i luv taylor swift shes pretty and her music rocks shes the best country singer ever

posted by michealjacksongirl on Jan 31, 2010

hi taylor continue rockin dis world with ur sweet songs... i luv u!!!!

posted by bedu on Jan 09, 2010

that was awesome video and hope u wl produce some real rocking songs........tanx

posted by limz on Jan 09, 2010

u are just amazing in this video n the song too

posted by bedu on Jan 09, 2010

how can i download?

posted by jay on Nov 25, 2009


posted by mariie on Nov 13, 2009

hey taylor anytime soon plz come back to Houston,TX

posted by the geek on Oct 15, 2009

ermmm add me on cherrylips_96@hotmail.co.uk

posted by U.N.K.N.O.W.N on Sep 26, 2009

HEyyuuurr taylor u rock goo gurlll anywayz i love ur songzz there well gurrdd u are sooo preetyyyy

posted by ..ChErRyLiCiOuS on Sep 26, 2009

hi taylor i am your biggest fan

posted by taylor on Jul 30, 2009

i like all of taylor,s songs i have the cd fearless

posted by taylor swift on Jul 30, 2009

your is so very beautiful

posted by nicole from the Phi on Jul 18, 2009

,,hi taylor i like ur all songs this sre awesome like it,, hope u will continue ur career ..im your # 1 fan.. im jean hope i see u im person..

posted by cuttie_bratzz on Jul 15, 2009

great singer... I like your song...

posted by danny.R on Jul 05, 2009

Very beautifull:)! She's a good singer

posted by Princess on Jun 14, 2009


posted by TAYLOR on Jun 14, 2009

love Taylor swift

posted by ayrha on Jun 09, 2009

The guy looks like Kris Allen

posted by joe+me619 on Jun 07, 2009

I luv this song but i like you belong to me better

posted by joe+me619 on Jun 07, 2009

hello....how can i download this one???? tnx!...

posted by taylor swift on Jun 06, 2009

this is the most beatiful vidoe i've ever seen..terrific..

posted by jhandy power on May 17, 2009

she's so awesome! I love your songs!

posted by miley on Apr 24, 2009

she's so flirt!

posted by ricky on Apr 24, 2009

taylor swist i like your songs please text me back

posted by mikayla on Apr 17, 2009

this song is amazing i LOVE it is amazing i get so emotiono when i hear it and even though it didnt happen to her in real life i feel sad 4 her

posted by priscilla on Apr 16, 2009

Omg I loved this song and I wish she was mi sister your my role modle

posted by ilovetaylor on Apr 12, 2009

i cried every time i heard this song

posted by dunlapgirls@frontier on Apr 12, 2009

i cried every time i heard this song

posted by dunlapgirls@frontier on Apr 12, 2009

wow ur very gud i love u taylor.

posted by lanu on Apr 07, 2009

i love it

posted by aj souza on Mar 25, 2009

hey I love your songs

posted by taylor swift on Mar 06, 2009

I think you r an awesome songwriter/singer keep on keepin on

posted by matt hall on Feb 28, 2009

Taylor Swift- *Don't ever have Miley Cyrus sing with me again......*

posted by l1982 on Feb 10, 2009