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Taylor Swift - Teardrops on My Guitar

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great song!

posted by hawk on Oct 18, 2011

Wow.. my fav.. gr8 lyrics..

posted by Tear drops on my gui on Mar 31, 2011

.love this song somuchbiggest :D

posted by T swift on Nov 16, 2010


posted by Raka on Sep 30, 2010

i luv u taylor... ur songs r best.. best of luck.. keep it up.. tc..

posted by vaibhav on Jun 28, 2010

i love u taylor

posted by RAJ on May 21, 2010

it is awesome she is so damn cute

posted by merryl on May 02, 2010

love it!!!!

posted by ggf on Apr 30, 2010

love you song too much its almost three days I haven't change the song in my mobile.

posted by kav on Apr 15, 2010

my friends and family loves ur song

posted by swifty fanatic on Mar 23, 2010

luv u swifty

posted by anti-joe on Mar 23, 2010

love you to

posted by brittany on Feb 11, 2010

Diz is d very best music video of tailor swift..

posted by zukatotoku on Dec 04, 2009

very good

posted by taylor swift on Nov 07, 2009

I love this song very much.

posted by teardrop on my guita on Oct 26, 2009

its tooooooo gud love d song....amazing..

posted by sim on Jul 25, 2009


posted by someoneee on Jun 28, 2009

i luvvvvv this song and love story.u r my idol.

posted by nick on May 25, 2009

very love

posted by nick on May 25, 2009

did this really happen 2 u its been happenin 2 me 4 over a year and i still cant get him off my mind.i dont no how 2 ask him myself and other people asked him 4 me and i got turned down the problem is i think im in love with him! anyone got advice?by the way u and ur song r perfect!!!!!!

posted by tristyluvur on Apr 30, 2009

i luvvvvv this song and love story.u r my idol.

posted by haley on Apr 30, 2009

wow This Really Relates! Hell the guy i like is named drew too! sad... it's too much alike...

posted by ami on Oct 08, 2008


posted by ALXXXX on Oct 04, 2008

I love this song.It reminds me of my boyfriend before we were together!

posted by Me on Sep 20, 2008