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Sleeping Beauty Clip 'Examined'

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A clip/trailer of Sleeping Beauty

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Sleeping Beauty Poster
Sleeping Beauty

Release Date :

December 02, 2011 Limited

Studio :

IFC Films

Director :

Julia Leigh

Starring :

Emily Browning, Rachael Blake, Peter Carroll, Michael Dorman

Jane Campion presents "SLEEPING BEAUTY", the bold and provocative directorial debut of Julia Leigh, an official selection of the Cannes, Toronto and Chicago film festivals. Featuring a phenomenal breakthrough performance by Emily Browning, this coolly shocking retelling of the classic myth poses its heroine as a rarified sex-worker, confronting ideas of feminine sexuality with bravado and precision.


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la peli esta re buena,era mentira puta que lo pario

posted by inuyasha on Jan 19, 2010

I watched this movie, and it was pure garbage. What they did to Goku's character, in turning him from what he was into a typical high school nerd is criminal. Fuck them.

posted by Eric on Apr 27, 2009

Cool :DDD

posted by Tisho_BS on Feb 11, 2009

Dragon Ball is My favoorite movie since I still young untill now.that way when I show this news I am to Much Happy.thanks

posted by dragon ball on Feb 07, 2009

Every human being should boycott this like the Japanese And anyone who defends this crap either works for Fox or belongs to the asylum

posted by Kill Fox on Jan 26, 2009

how can i downalaod this video...

posted by fuck movie on Dec 26, 2008

look you bitches and hoes i think that this movie will be good but it just wont live up to our expetations

posted by kid123 on Dec 17, 2008

?arent we forgetting how big goku was in drangon ball??he was very small they wanted to empahasis the majic of dragon ball so thattheycould buff chatwin upfor later wich in hollywood today isnt so hard. im exited

posted by dbz nut on Dec 09, 2008

You guys should have your heads taken out of your rears.

posted by Wolves Of Calla on Dec 09, 2008

Fox, just cancel this thing because you've already lost alot of money making this thing.

posted by girl on Dec 08, 2008

Just like the show i'm sure this movie will suck shit.

posted by Someone on Dec 08, 2008

Hey Fox stuff! You can put a piece of shit on a plate and sugar on the top of it, but we ain`t gunna eat it. I suggest you read the principles of marketing and give the consumers exactly they request. Is that so hard?

posted by Rouga on Dec 08, 2008


posted by kopisa on Nov 26, 2008

Don't forget this is a dragon ball in OUR world and someone with green/purple hair that was not very very common :P

posted by jolo on Nov 26, 2008

yeah I agree the beauty of the screen was not very beautiful, they don't have put krilin ans WHAT is this phrofecy.They have put a lot of thing that was not in Dragonball.. but a trailer didn't said a lot of a movie maybe the movie will be good, I hope...

posted by pogozilla on Nov 26, 2008

disgrace to dragonball

posted by wth on Nov 23, 2008

Yeah, i disagree, i think it isn't gonna be so bad. but i wish vegeta was in it. and piccolo looks like a idiot. i'd rather watch star trek. (but i wanted to see that anyway.)

posted by tev on Nov 21, 2008

I want to kill myself

posted by Gay Fag on Nov 21, 2008

The Matrix was more similar to Ghost in the Shell then this Hollywood shit to Dragon ball Z.

posted by the other guy on Nov 20, 2008

????? I cant believe it .. it seems to be high scool musical 4-.- FOX is a porncompany not dragonballmoviemakers:D I think they would also fail as porncompany-.- .. I dont like Chatwin=Gaylord .. I expected Jet Li:D and for Piccolo Vin Diesel:D

posted by Son Goku on Nov 20, 2008

Its like they shitted in a bag and wrote dragonball on it.

posted by these nuts on Nov 17, 2008

ITS SAD all u people are talking so much crap about the movie,,, you guys are gonna be the first ones to be in line at the movies,, when it comes out... you bunch of hypocrites..

posted by SS. GOKU on Nov 15, 2008

Serriously, what the hell did you guys expect from a live action Anime movie?

posted by Really on Nov 13, 2008

DAMN!!! this film is gonna suck. its not even out yet and i hate it allready DX. the guy that thought about this film should be ashamed very very very ashamed

posted by Oni Goroshi on Nov 11, 2008

what is this crap? not dragonball, that's for sure.

posted by DoverBassist on Nov 11, 2008

i wont even rate this fucking shit. fox disgraced the franchise. I hope they all contract random stds and die because of this fuck fox fuck fox fuck fox fuck fox fuck fox fuck fox fuck fox fuck fox fuck fox fuck fox fuck fox fuck fox fuck fox fuck fox fuck fox fuck fox

posted by BungWarriorIX on Nov 11, 2008

Omfg. Who the hell.. what the hell... why the hell? I hope the creators, producers, and actors... and even FOX rot in HELL for this foul bullshit. What the fuck happened to Piccolo. He looks like a very diseased old man who went bald and his skin is falling off. It couldn't have been that hard to do him the RIGHT way!!

posted by hornybeaverwood on Nov 11, 2008

there is no damn prophecy, and what is this high school foolishness, and who is this Justin Chatwin person, because he is not Goku

posted by die on Nov 08, 2008

Go to hell and roast, why did u do this to my favorite anime, this is bullshit....

posted by hate u on Nov 08, 2008

is this some kind of joke ill rather see dragonball z if you trying to make a cool movie make the avatar but in human version lets see if u have the balls to do that

posted by richshit on Nov 07, 2008

This looks so fuc*ing horrible.... I hope to god this is some kind of joke, this is pathetic.

posted by Kunie on Nov 05, 2008

WTF?!?! 1 million thumbs down to this stupid movie!!! watch THE Dragon Ball so you'll have some idea you idiots!!!!!

posted by dyosa on Nov 05, 2008

This is rediculous, CAN ANYONE SAY REMAKE!!! make the director actually WATCH some DB/DBZ and GET A CLUE!! I'm boycotting this version, quit while ur not ahead and start a fresh: Green picollo, a saiyan looking goku not a girly one, for starters, everyone else said the rest: this film makes a MOCKERY of the greatest anime of all time! MOCKERY... PRIDELESS!!!

posted by foxkillledmyinnerchi on Nov 04, 2008

Dreadful looking

posted by Beast on Nov 04, 2008

I will never be nostalgic about anything again. Thank you FOX. Go fuck yourself.

posted by childhoodruined on Nov 03, 2008

look.... first. goku's hair is more extreem second. bulma's hair is green/blue and don't have a gun :s third. picollo is green with red things on his body and got 2 things on his had fourth. master roshi is old and got a long beard and wite hair and no chinese look XD fivth. the conlcution is 2 options fix the problems above and the dragon balls or make a new script :s

posted by doax999 on Nov 01, 2008

goku looks like.... not the super nice hungry awesome guy he usualy is.

posted by why on Oct 31, 2008

seriously...... Yamcha.... no krillin or Tien.... what the hell?! and where in the hell is master roshis beard.... he is like young in this one.... *tisk tisk*

posted by >_ on Oct 31, 2008

last comment.... You fuck up really bad... thats all I got to say. and I cant believe I'm saying this but FUCK DRAGONBALL FOX STYLE...... your a bunch of bitches FOX

posted by what the fuck on Oct 31, 2008

I rather watch the bootleg YouTube version then pay and watch this crap in the theaters. Or.... It better go straight to dvd and hope everyone forgets about it.

posted by What the F*ck on Oct 31, 2008

and Picollo's GREEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

posted by What the f*ck on Oct 31, 2008

How the F*ck can you f*ck up this story so damn bad. You Guys Better seriously think about cutting this movie all together and starting from scratch. SERIOUSLY THIS TRAILER JUST TOTALLY RUINED ME FROM GETTING EXCITED ABOUT ANOTHER CRAP MOVIE..... CHANGE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

posted by What the F*ck!!! on Oct 31, 2008

No way...how could they do this. What the hell where they thinking? Prophecy??? What prophecy??? Is this Dragonball??? goku in high school???

posted by UltimaCHrist on Oct 29, 2008

seriously anyone seen the first power rangers movie cause this looks like the squeal. gay as hell

posted by jasdkf on Oct 29, 2008

How the fu** is this going to happen I've been waiting for this film for half my life and they do this shit to one of the greatest animies of all time?!?! I swear to Jesus Christ and the Almighty LORD everyone who helped this film be made should kill themselves. everyone at fox, producer and his staff, and especially the actors. if you buy a ticket kill yourself too.

posted by FU*K FOX on Oct 29, 2008

the shouldn't even continue on with this movie..just crap..just ruined dragonball for all of us..thank you James Wong..thank you fox..for getting us fans all siked up..so at the end you'll show us this piece of crap

posted by mike1223 on Oct 27, 2008

Its supposed to be a light hearted family action movie, not this quickly hurned out swill!!! why the hell would you take a series that took more than 10 fucking years to make and dump it out on a filthy plate after a few months work, wtf is wrong with you!!!!!

posted by P on Oct 27, 2008

Omfg... I am a loyal fan of dragonball. EVERYTHING in that clip goes against the style of the story. A total and utter mockery!!!!! Please, just dont make it, please dont release it, please step aside and let another director who knows what hes doing, do it!

posted by P on Oct 27, 2008

Ey guy's common this movie isn't that bad... Of course i'm joking... I'd give 0 stars if there was such an option ;/ I agree with you all that THIS IS F*** SHIT NOT a Dragon Ball. I'm NOT gonna watch this.

posted by DBfun on Oct 27, 2008

It looks like the same formula used for Forbidden Kingdom (which is actually an okay movie). But wait, did we just see Bumblebee? How sweet is that? Now there's a crossover of super awesomeness I'd pay money to see. But not this rubbish though, oh no. lissettesalmeron (a user on imdb) compiled a list of 22 reasons why this movie won't suck. Comedy gold.

posted by Shin on Oct 26, 2008

I have been Following DB since I was 5 years Old, I watch and readed all the Books and Anime of DB,DBZ and DBGT ( anime only) And By all means THIS IS NOT DB THIS IS GARBAGE WTF is that GAY LOOKING GOKU !!! I m BOYCOTTING this Movie !

posted by Holymonk on Oct 25, 2008

WHAT THE...****!!! THEY'VE MUTILATED IT! ...and they've got a kid as GOKU :'-( This is a joke.

posted by ali on Oct 25, 2008

WTF!!!! Piccolo looks like a sick cancer patient, goku looks constantly confused and wtf is up with his hair...his suppose to look like a sayain not a mommys boy! fuck this shit fuck fox and fuck jason...atleast there is one thing fox can never take from us....OUR PRIIIIIDE!!!!

posted by Leenis on Oct 23, 2008

what no krillin?????? how do you have dragonball without his best buddy???

posted by dbz chick on Oct 23, 2008

no..... they cant do this...... why god, why?

posted by IronChef on Oct 23, 2008

They used the guy from whishmaster as piccolo

posted by Smokey on Oct 22, 2008

Wht the fuck it is??....... They should make new dragon ball anime series not fucking movie.

posted by HAhaha... on Oct 22, 2008


posted by MATT on Oct 22, 2008


posted by FDaNewDBZmovie on Oct 17, 2008

fucking garbage. I hope Fox goes into debt, and their board members have a fucking heart attack.

posted by Scare on Oct 10, 2008

Omg Omg Omg Omg Omg Omg why why why why would they ruin such an awesome anime. Omg I'm going to the studio and ripping the director to shreds. Omg Piccolo doesn't even look like Piccolo. He looks like a man who turned green after seeing rossie O'donalds vagina.

posted by T.T on Oct 05, 2008

I LOVE DB & DBZ! BUT oh man this movie is so crap! This movie deserves an excellent director not so low rate one. Thanks for ruining the best action anime of all time!!

posted by Ladyavenger on Oct 04, 2008

I dont know as of yet it looked like a shot in 1992 or was it after they made street fighter maybe mario brothers hahahaha.

posted by wulfcry on Oct 02, 2008


posted by DragonBoycott on Oct 02, 2008