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Fingerprints Trailer

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A clip/trailer of Fingerprints

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Fingerprints Poster

Release Date :

March 28, 2008 DVD

Studio :

Brothers Cleveland Productions

Director :

Harry Basil

Starring :

Brittany Snow, Kristin Cavallari, Leah Pipes, Josh Henderson

Fingerprints is based on the widely publicized urban legend that took place 50 years ago in a small Texas town, where a school bus filled with children was hit by a train killing everyone on-board. The ghosts of the children are supposedly still in the area where the accident took place. It is said that if a car is put in neutral on the railroad tracks, the children will push the car off the tracks, leaving only their ghostly fingerprints behind. The movie centers on a troubled teenager who discovers the gruesome truth behind the legend.


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