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Miley Cyrus - Start All Over

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cool .. cyyrus forever

posted by Hannah Nina on Mar 11, 2011

Miley cyrus looks hot in this music video

posted by Thor on Jun 23, 2010

Iwant to have sex with miley cyrus

posted by thor on Jun 23, 2010

llloovvveee the song MILEY you rock u are my idol i luv u see ya

posted by lili cutie on Jun 06, 2010

you need practising in your voice cous at the bigining its sucks and ther is no ether choce to give00 stars she does'nt dezerv1 star ya

posted by bad on Jan 15, 2010


posted by nick on Jan 12, 2010

its fabulous, wonderful. its totally rocking. i just love it

posted by harold assasin on Dec 24, 2009

u r amazing i love u so much

posted by miss zozo on Nov 26, 2009

hey Hannah u rock! go girl! you are great! i love you!

posted by honey on Nov 14, 2009

good song good voice wut happend

posted by jamie on Oct 15, 2009

Its soo bad i'm not even going too rate!!!!!!!

posted by selena rox on Oct 11, 2009

at 2.05 SHE SHAKES HER BOOBS!!!!!!!OMG it sucks

posted by selena rox on Oct 11, 2009

thats a awsome video

posted by mily fane on Oct 06, 2009


posted by miley_fan on Aug 16, 2009

i am going to see miley cyrus in mancester.icant wait.

posted by keely delmer on Jul 01, 2009


posted by HEAVEN on May 09, 2009

fly on the wall :X:X:X:X:X:X:X:X:X:X:X:X:X

posted by geany on Apr 21, 2009

how can i down load this song

posted by see you again on Apr 08, 2009


posted by 7things on Apr 08, 2009

¨but how do i download

posted by jail9 on Mar 14, 2009

Great song!!x But whats with the goth outfit. I think she needs to start all over with her wardrobe!xx Love you mileyXXXX!!

posted by Charlotte2 on Jan 22, 2009

i am a MAJOR Miley Cyrus fan !!!! she rocks !!!

posted by Molly on Jan 01, 2009


posted by lily on Oct 11, 2008

miley > selena

posted by Im_mI on Oct 03, 2008

i love it! so mutch ! awsome clip awsome song

posted by kimmii_ on Oct 01, 2008

love the song i this like a thousand of time

posted by anglez on Sep 17, 2008

love this song a lot

posted by cool cat on Sep 17, 2008

love the song

posted by autumn on Aug 16, 2008


posted by joi on Aug 08, 2008

the screen wasn't showing on the computer screen

posted by jessica on Aug 07, 2008

i love it

posted by dylan on Jul 24, 2008

i know where to download it

posted by dylan on Jul 24, 2008

yo. this sucks and u know it... ballin'

posted by mileymandybff on Jul 07, 2008

This videos rox! i just want to download it! does anyone know where to download it?

posted by Iiluvmiley! on Jul 04, 2008