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Zac Efron - Bet on It (High School Musical 2)

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from the beginning of high school musical i enjoy it and i fellowed up with the songs it was woundful.i wrote and watch the movie.zac u and the wild cat are awesome,u guys are great and i love u all.from ur biggest fan faith.

posted by faith on Apr 15, 2011

Zac you rock!!!!

posted by Lenora on Jul 30, 2010

This so very full cool

posted by malik on Apr 30, 2010

este frumos foaret tare

posted by giulia on Apr 05, 2010

zac iubec melodiile tale si a lui vanessa desigur vrei sa vb pe mess anagrecu15

posted by ana maria on Mar 19, 2010

hello zack you have very beatiful and gabriela

posted by betim on Jan 13, 2010

that was awesome man. you need to make more and more movies

posted by jazmine on Jan 06, 2010

hey zac u r awesome not only in this song all songs that u have sing

posted by Miley Efron on Dec 31, 2009

It is an awesome song and i want to download it.

posted by Zenia on Dec 24, 2009

hey zac are you the reall who was talking here..........pls tell me the truth

posted by teuta on Dec 11, 2009

hey zac and vanessa perfecttttttttt niceeee

posted by teuta on Dec 11, 2009

troy i love so miss you marry me to day jessica

posted by jessica pierson on Nov 18, 2009

what a load of shit!!!

posted by Crap on Oct 21, 2009


posted by ZAC on Oct 10, 2009

zooozooo ilove u sooo much when i listen to your voice i had aheartache big kiss 4 u be the best

posted by jojo on Sep 15, 2009

zac,teenagers in my country,Ghana luv u sooo much.pls come and visit my country someday.luv u always.i am ur biggest fan in the entire whole world

posted by akua on Sep 02, 2009

zac,your voice kills me.u are sooo fanstatic.love u soo much.luv all ur songs.

posted by akua on Sep 02, 2009

zac is sooooooooo coooooool!!

posted by vlad on Sep 01, 2009


posted by Bet on It on Jul 26, 2009

I like high school musical 2

posted by slavek on Jul 09, 2009

Zac You are so sexy, you are the best, LOVE YOU :****

posted by Sweetie on Jun 02, 2009

Zac and vannessa play a very good rol in hsm and i LOVE hsm

posted by Mijanke on May 31, 2009

Zac you ar amazing and so cool i like the way u walk talk and sing it is so cute. I was just wandering if i cn get your nomber

posted by Marlouize on May 31, 2009

Zac is so cute and sexy and sing exellent i am a hug fan

posted by Marlouize on May 31, 2009

sooooooooo cuuuute!!!

posted by bet on it!!! on May 20, 2009

Lah wong video nya udah dihapus gak tau sama syapa!!!Gak jadi lihat de gueh!!padahal khan aku pacarnya Zac efron!!!

posted by Rahasia dunksss on May 13, 2009

eu amo esta musica

posted by aline kelly on Apr 25, 2009

love this song and high school musical

posted by dany on Apr 22, 2009

este super tare melodia asta!!!!!!si este super tare ilmul high school musical 2

posted by cristi on Apr 21, 2009

I really liked your wildcat!!!!!!!!! I Love you!!!!

posted by Lenora on Apr 20, 2009

super tare te iubesc mor dupa melodia asta

posted by ioana on Apr 09, 2009

i love you

posted by krish on Apr 08, 2009

ce marfa rau de tot

posted by andrei marius mihala on Jan 12, 2009

aww :D he is the best :D he is hot hot hot :P lol soz i am inlove with him 99.9%

posted by kiah on Jan 05, 2009

imi place de tine zac efron te iubesc .cea mai super melodie a ta este ,,bet on it,,te iubesc si sunt fanul tau nr 1.

posted by belgiu denisa on Jan 02, 2009

sunt fanu nr 1 al filmului high school musical 1 (2,3) prima uoara cand lam vazut ma cucerit acest film si mai asi vrea sa iasa a 4-a parte

posted by eduardo on Dec 27, 2008

cea mai faina melodie

posted by banel on Dec 25, 2008

super melody!!i lke it...Is my favourite melody!!! excellent mell...me id is i_have_brokeheart....>

posted by deutza on Dec 16, 2008

it's very good . me id is andrei_bamboocha_2009 contact me

posted by Troy bolton[14] on Dec 09, 2008


posted by alex on Dec 07, 2008

my comment is that why does he here in this song

posted by fofo on Nov 19, 2008

numumer one

posted by ceyda on Nov 16, 2008


posted by Wow on Nov 12, 2008

super haigh scool is the best musical especially trooy (Zac Efron) and the other hoping to be pwp all and much still supces

posted by roxy on Nov 02, 2008

it was alright half an half

posted by lalah on Nov 02, 2008

pleas download this to my computers monitor on itunes

posted by bet on it on Oct 09, 2008

hey wuz up

posted by Tony carter on Oct 03, 2008

kocham zac

posted by marta on Sep 12, 2008

zac efron kocham cie

posted by marta on Sep 11, 2008

ur amazing zac and vanessa.keep on!!!!u 2 are cute. i hope i wil meet two of you.

posted by hamna on Sep 04, 2008

zac your so cute

posted by pooh on Aug 29, 2008

zac ur sexc

posted by fatmah elkurdie on Aug 25, 2008


posted by maria on Aug 16, 2008

i luv you u aree cute. this is jocie poe you do not now me but i now you

posted by babygurl9218442 on Aug 02, 2008


posted by gaby on Jul 19, 2008

vvvvv good song

posted by bet on Jul 15, 2008

this is very very excellent video.since zac is in this video

posted by hsm on Jun 23, 2008

super duper

posted by 123 on Jun 22, 2008

ilove it

posted by h on Jun 21, 2008