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Zac Efron - You Are The Music in Me (High School Musical 2)

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me and my friend JJ love you sexy man

posted by zac efron on Dec 02, 2010

very nice song teen egers

posted by abhi on May 09, 2010

itx lot wonderful i love this song, tgc

posted by ammy on Mar 25, 2010

Excellent song. I love the voice. It is sooooooo sweet. And I love'' High School Musical 2'' too as well!

posted by Zenia on Dec 24, 2009

i love this siong i love it its really awesome

posted by you are the music in on Nov 14, 2009

Stop making music about me!!!!

posted by Zac Efron on Jul 23, 2009

i love this song and zac efron is so hot and venessa is pritty as i love use both great actors

posted by anonimus on Jul 05, 2009


posted by fofi on Jan 17, 2009

I love zac efron

posted by ana on Jan 12, 2009


posted by aduh on Jan 07, 2009

i juzT wAnT 2 saY 'AmaZin9 N CoOL'

posted by tha \'cute\' on Dec 29, 2008

zac you are so hot

posted by mohammad on Dec 29, 2008

i love you so muchhhhhhhhhh

posted by mohammad on Dec 29, 2008

what your feling about vanessa

posted by beverly on Dec 14, 2008

I like high school muisikal very much,bekouse it is about love and I have love too!!!!!!!

posted by mariam on Dec 08, 2008

too good

posted by u r the music in me on Dec 07, 2008

I love this song NaNaNaNa is the best music in Romania is the number 1 ... >>>danny ... Romania <<<

posted by danny on Nov 24, 2008

I love Vanessa Hudgens and Zac Efron

posted by Aleksandra on Nov 11, 2008

is the best song ever heard Nannanananana

posted by cool girl on Nov 05, 2008

Its fab

posted by Golden dido on Oct 08, 2008

dlanich zawsze miłosć kocham was

posted by marta on Sep 11, 2008

i love this video its awesome this video is the same as all of the camp rock songs but i dont think so for boys because there like this always about it ewwwwww!!!!! i hate that its so stupid but i have a word for you boys its not sooo shut up!

posted by sammy on Aug 28, 2008

love this video

posted by mrs. efron on Aug 16, 2008

nereali daina

posted by klaudija on Aug 12, 2008

very good

posted by adrian on Jul 25, 2008