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'White Collar' Series Finale Preview: Freedom or Life

December 12, 2014 01:12:00

Neal is making his one last attempt to obtain freedom in the final episode of "". A preview for the said outing has been released and it hints that Neal may put his life at stake for his last mission.

"Is your freedom worth dying for?" Peter asks, to which Neal replies, "It might be." Meanwhile, Mozzie talks about Neal having "a bigger plan," but someone ends up getting a medical treatment.


'White Collar' Unleashes First Promos for Final Season

September 18, 2014 01:09:13

USA Network has released first promos for the upcoming sixth and final season of "". Obtained by TheWrap, the first one highlights Neal's one last mission before the show brings down the curtain for good.

"I want my freedom, any way I can get it," says the con-man played by . But his friend Mozzie (Willie Garson) isn't that optimistic, asking, "They promised you freedom before. What makes you think they'll deliver?"


'White Collar' Confirmed to End After Season 6 and Get 'Shocking' Ending

September 13, 2014 08:09:09

The long-running question is finally answered. USA Network has confirmed that the upcoming sixth season of "" will be the last for the show. The cable channel renewed the police procedural drama series for a six-episode season 6 in March, but didn't say it would be the final season.

The new and final six episodes will start airing Thursday, November 6 at 9 P.M. ET/PT, followed by starrer "" which will air the second half of its fifth season at 10 P.M. ET/PT.


USA Officially Renews 'White Collar', Picks Up New Series 'Rush' and 'Complications'

March 22, 2014 09:03:57

"" is officially renewed. Following report that the police procedural drama series will get a shortened final season, USA Network now announces that it has ordered a six-episode season 6 of the show.

While confirming the renewal, the network does not reveal whether the upcoming season will be the last for the -starring series. It was previously reported that the cable channel would end the show due expensive production cost, despite the fact that "White Collar" is still a solid performer for the network.


'White Collar' May End With Shortened Sixth Season

March 21, 2014 03:03:44

"" days are numbered. While USA Network has not officially announced the fate of the drama series, report says the show will likely end its run with a shortened sixth and final season consisting of 6 episodes.

According to Deadline, the size of the order is a compromise between a movie/mini-series conclusion that USA wanted and a full-length season expected by the show's producer. Should the report be true, "White Collar" will join USA's other series "", "", "" and "" which have got a proper send-off.


New 'White Collar' Promo Shares First Footage From Season 4

May 31, 2012 12:05:27

USA Network has shared a few glimpses from the upcoming fourth season of "" by debuting a new promo. The video begins by reminding viewers that Neal Caffrey was last seen cutting his ankle monitor and leaving New York in season 3 finale.

It then shows that Peter Burke is put on leave after Neal's escape. "If anything ever happened to him, I don't think I could live with it," the FBI agent says, before declaring that he's ready to cross the line. Neal, meanwhile, tells his ex-partner on the phone, "You're an FBI agent. I'm a con man. There are only a few ways this could have ended."


'White Collar' Season 3 Finale Clips: Neal Gets Good Review, Prepared for Worst-Case Scenario

February 25, 2012 09:02:30

Neal gets a good chance of being freed based on a new clip from "" season 3 finale. In the sneak peek, a woman in charge of the case gives him a good review during an initial hearing after learning how he's provided so much help for the FBI.

However, things could turn for the worse in the next few days when the decision would be made. As hinted in another newly-released clip, agent Kramer will be one of the people interviewed in Neal's commutation and he might not give a good recommendation for the former con-man.


'White Collar' 3.13 Preview: A Trouble From Peter's Next Door

January 25, 2012 03:01:32

Peter's next case may come from somewhere close to his home in the next episode of "". After a new guy moves in next door to Peter, his wife Elizabeth and his partner Neal report to him about an unusual activity.

When Elizabeth overhears her neighbor in a suspicious conversation, her curiosity leads Peter and Neal to uncover a robbery plot against a posh Manhattan Hotel. Before he closes the case, however, Peter will be put in a difficult situation as his felon neighbor threatens his wife.


'White Collar' 3.12: Neal's Fate to Be Determined by One Decision

January 18, 2012 02:01:15

"" midseason premiere on January 17 opened a chance for Neal to have his anklet removed soon. In next week's episode, the con artist may get the answer on whether or not he will be declared a free man again because a decision that could seal his fate will be made.

In the meantime, Neal and Peter have to deal with another fraud case. In order to investigate stolen scholarships funds, Neal will go undercover as a substitute teacher. will guest star as Andy Woods, a ruthless financier who is suspected of embezzling from his daughter's elite private school.


New 'White Collar' Winter Return Promo Teases More Role Switches

December 27, 2011 10:12:20

Neal Caffrey and Peter Burke may once again switch roles when "" returns this winter. Teasing that the former con-man and the FBI agent embrace each other's speciality, a fresh promo for new episodes of the show's season 3 also offers a glimpse of 's guest-starring appearance.

"" hunk Manganiello will portray a recently released convict who brings trouble to Peter's neighborhood as he moves across the street from Peter and his wife, Elizabeth. He joins other upcoming guest stars namely , , Will Chase and Debra Monk among others.


Recently Renewed Shows: USA's 'White Collar' and FOX's 'Breaking In'

August 26, 2011 09:08:07

After renewing "", USA Network has now given a greenlight to another new season of "". With this renewal, the procedural drama series starring will return for a fourth season with 16 episodes. The production is set to start in 2012.

"We're thrilled to offer our viewers another season that promises some of the best writing in television, unexpected twists and generous helpings of America's favorite bromance," the network's co-presidents Jeff Wachtel and Chris McCumber said on Thursday, August 25.


Preview of 'White Collar' Episode Featuring Eliza Dushku

July 27, 2011 03:07:41

A sneak peek to 's guest starring appearance on "" has been obtained in a form of preview video. Playing a "very sexy" employee to 's Matthew Keller, she will land her lips on 's, who portrays Neal Caffrey, and get involved in some actions.

When Neal and Peter Burke () discover wanted fugitive Keller is smuggling priceless Egyptian antiquities into the city, Neal will go undercover with an exotic and beautiful Egyptologist (Dushku) to locate and capture his foe. But during a confrontation with Keller, Neal learns his true motives for returning to New York.


Pic: Joe Manganiello Pulls Gun on 'White Collar' Set

July 01, 2011 04:07:21

Just a day after it was announced that he lands a guest spot on "", has been seen filming his scene for the USA Network drama series on Thursday afternoon, June 30. The Alcide depicter on HBO's "" was seen pulling a gun on the set in New York City with two other actors.

Aside from the 34-year-old hunk who was clad in green T-shirt and jeans, "White Collar" leading actor was spotted sporting casual look on the set. Other regular cast members, and , were additionally said filming a kissing scene that day with the actress' husband Brady Smith and daughter Harper Smith witnessing it.


Photo: Eliza Dushku Filming Guest Stint for 'White Collar'

June 09, 2011 01:06:35

Billed to appear in an episode of "", has been busy filming her scenes. On Tuesday, June 7, the Faith of "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" was snapped on the set in NYC's West Village along with regular .

In some set pictures posted on New York Post's PopWrap, Dushku was seen sporting a formal yet stylish look while Bomer donned his suit. A few days before, the 30-year-old beauty shared to her Twitter followers another photo from the set which featured her in a white ensemble.


'White Collar' Officially Gets Season 2

December 19, 2009 11:12:10

Being a solid performer since its debut in late October this year, "" is given a vote of confidence by USA Network. Executive Producer slash creator Jeff Eastin confirmed that the show has received the second season order, writing on Twitter "White Collar season 2 pickup is official! Congratulations to the best cast and crew on television."

USA itself has confirmed the pickup, releasing a statement through its original programing president, Jeff Wachtel. "Jeff Eastin created a show that was both on-brand and that arguably took USA Network to a new level of sophistication. After breaking out of the gate so strongly, and with finale ratings that actually exceeded the premiere, 'White Collar' was a lock for a second season," Wachtel said.


Early Look at USA Network's 'White Collar' via Clips

October 16, 2009 03:10:10

Four clips from the season premiere of "", a new series coming to USA Network, have been shared. The network will air the pilot on October 23 in a 90-minute special and follow it up with 13 one-hour episodes every Fridays.

Coming from the producer of "Hawaii", "White Collar" is a drama about the most unlikely partnerships between a con artist and an FBI agent who have been playing cat-and-mouse for years. , the Bryce Larkin of "", steps in as Neal Caffrey, the charming criminal mastermind while , the Dr. Paul Thomas of "Party of Five", takes the part of agent Peter Burke.


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