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'The Vampire Diaries' Prepares Fans for Jeremy's Farewell in New Promo

February 11, 2015 12:02:58

"" has released a new trailer dedicated to 's Jeremy prior to his impending farewell. The video includes old scenes featuring Elena's younger brother since the beginning of the show as well as an emotional moment where he and his sister say goodbye. "I'm ready to move on," he says.


'The Vampire Diaries' Casts Tristin Mays as New Salvatore Family Member

January 16, 2015 08:01:17

Damon () and Stefan () are going to get a visit from their distant relative. "" has tapped Tristin Mays to play the real Sarah Salvatore, who is the daughter of Zach Salvatore (Chris William Martin), Damon and Stefan's distant nephew.

The show featured the faux Sarah, who is an old friend of Sarah's, earlier in the season. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the real Sarah is described as a bright and gifted student of photography, whose life is turned upside down as she unravels the mystery of her true family history. She will first appear in a January 22 episode, which marks the midseason premiere of the supernatural series.


Steven R. McQueen Quits as 'The Vampire Diaries' Series Regular

January 12, 2015 02:01:19

is leaving Mystic Falls after more than five years. The actor is set to exit "" as series regular in the 14th episode of the current season 6. Showrunner Julie Plec said at the TCA, "We're saying goodbye to Steven McQueen, as a series regular, in the 14th episode."

Plec assured fans that the character wouldn't be killed off, telling E! News, "I wouldn't dare kill Jeremy; I think that would be all forms of cruelty. But I do think that he's a man now, he's not a little kid anymore and he's got to live his life. It's time for him to get started doing that."


'The Vampire Diaries' 6.09 Preview: Let's Get Bonnie Back

November 21, 2014 02:11:35

Damon and Elena won't leave Bonnie stuck alone in the prison world. In the next episode "", Damon is going to do everything he can to bring Bonnie back, commending her for helping him back alive.

Damon, however, finds himself in hot water after he carries out a plan that requires Alaric's unwilling participation. Liv (guest star Penelope Mitchell) helps Damon and Elena with their plan to get Bonnie back, but when things take an unexpected turn, she's left with a difficult choice to make.


'The Vampire Diaries' 6.06 Preview: Unwelcome Return and Next Target

October 31, 2014 04:10:39

Someone feels ignored when "" returns with a new episode next week. [SPOILER ALERT!] Following his return to Mystic Falls, Damon finds things are not quite as he expected with Elena losing her memories with him.

In a preview for the said outing, Damon sarcastically tells Alaric that he's "great" now that he's back and Elena forgets that she ever loved him. It's not the worse as Damon later is seen waking up with a bloody shirt, apparently after being knocked out.


'The Vampire Diaries' 6.04 Preview Teases a Proposal

October 17, 2014 03:10:07

Elena continues trying to move on following the loss of Damon on "". In the next episode, Stefan helps her start over by taking a motorbike ride together and staging what appears to be a fake proposal.

Meanwhile, Damon and Bonnie realize that uncovering a time in Damon's past may provide clues to finding their way home. Damon is forced to relive one of the worst days of his life and loses his cool when he encounters Tyler in his world.


'The Vampire Diaries' 6.03 Preview: Stefan Wants Revenge

October 10, 2014 12:10:33

Enzo has made himself a new enemy of Stefan on "". The former [SPOILER ALERT!] killed Stefan's girlfriend Ivy after finding Caroline crying because of Stefan, and the latter plans to get revenge.

Meanwhile, in an attempt to bring some fun back into their lives, Elena persuades Caroline to meet her at the swimming hole where she plans to introduce her to Liam (guest star Marco James). When Stefan arrives back in Mystic Falls looking for Enzo, he is caught off guard when he notices a strange change in Elena.


'The Vampire Diaries' Boss Reveals Elena Is Getting New Love Interest in Season 6

October 03, 2014 10:10:50

As "" kicked off its sixth season, executive producer Julie Plec shared an interesting tidbit about Elena. In a new interview with E! News, she hinted that the mortal beauty-turned-vampire could be getting a new love interest.

"There actually is a character that floats around in her college universe who clearly has eyes for her," said the executive producer of the character, who is still grieving following Damon's disappearance. "Whether she has eyes for him...you know, that's too soon to tell because of course she's lost the love of her life."


'The Vampire Diaries' New Season 6 Trailer Reveals Stefan's New Love Interest

September 09, 2014 02:09:36

"" is not returning until October, but fans can get a glimpse at what to expect in the upcoming season 6 in a new trailer. Titled "Move One", the video sees the characters who struggle to cope with the loss of Damon and Bonnie.

"I want to thank you for giving me everything I've ever wanted," Elena says while crying. "A love that consumed me, adventure, passion. There's nothing more that I could've asked for, except for it to last forever." She then goes violent and starts breaking things. In another scene, she makes Caroline worried as she's feeding on people.


'The Vampire Diaries' Trailer for Season 6: Elena Is Still Grieving

August 22, 2014 02:08:50

The CW has finally released a trailer for "" season 6 with actual footage. It teases the aftermath of the events in the season 5 finale which ended with Bonnie and Damon waiting for the oblivion to suck them.

While their fate remains unknown, it appears that they won't reunite with Elena and others in Mystic Falls soon. Everybody is still mourning the loss of their loved ones, but Elena insists that she needs to see Damon one last time.


Colin Ferguson Joins 'Vampire Diaries' as New Villain

July 15, 2014 02:07:37

"" has cast another star for the upcoming season. has been added to the cast in the sixth season of The CW's series. He will play a villain named Tripp, who is described as the head of a community militia who will do anything to protect his town, THR reports. Tripp, who is also described as a handsome, strong and disciplined man, will make his first appearance in the premiere episode.

The show's executive producer Julie Plec shared the news in some Twitter posts on Monday, July 14. "Hmmm.... Seem to have 'tripped' my way into a new role... Mystic Falls, hunh? Classic! Everyone who knows the show is telling me I'm going to die. I think I packed too much...," she wrote. Plec additionally tweeted that Tripp would give Sheriff Forbes, played by Marguerite MacIntyre, a run for her money.


'The Vampire Diaries' Brings Back Matt Davis, 'Arrow' Ups John Barrowman to Series Regular

May 16, 2014 02:05:22

A familiar face will rejoin "" cast in season 6. Following his character Alaric's surprise appearance in the season fifth finale, it set to return as series regular when the show debuts its new installment in the fall, TV Guide reports.

Davis' Alaric was first introduced in the first season of the vampire-themed drama series as a history teacher at Mystic Falls High and a vampire hunter, but then became a surrogate parent to Elena and Jeremy. He died in season 3 but appeared a few times in season 4 as a ghost.


'The Vampire Diaries' 5.21 Promo: The Twins Are After Elena and Stefan

May 02, 2014 03:05:39

With only two episodes left in the fifth season of "", more lives are put at stake. After escaping Markos' (guest star Raffi Barsoumian) control, Stefan and Elena find themselves stranded in a remote location. It gets worse as more people want them dead.

Liv (guest star Penelope Mitchell) and Luke (guest star Chris Brochu) come up with a dangerous new strategy, deciding that they need to kill the former lovers. While on the run, Stefan gets philosophical with Elena about her relationship with Damon.


'The Vampire Diaries' 5.20 Preview: Elena Gets Attacked in Bathtub

April 25, 2014 01:04:31

When "" returns with a new episode next week, Damon, Stefan and Elena try to hide from Markos (guest star Raffi Barsoumian) and the Travelers who are out for blood. They find a perfect place for a hideout in the remote cabin once owned by Caroline's father, but they're not safe yet.

A ghostly presence at the cabin uses violence and fire to make itself known. A preview for the upcoming episode shows someone trying to get Elena drowned when she's relaxing in the bathtub.


'The Vampire Diaries' 5.18 Preview: Elena and Stefan Connected Through Visions

March 28, 2014 01:03:07

Just when people think it couldn't be more awkward between Damon, Elena and Stefan, "" will be toying with the connection between Elena and Stefan once again. In the next episode, both Stefan and Elena are suddenly having unsettling dreams of an alternate version of the life they might have had together.

In her vision, it appears that Elena sees herself and Stefan as a family with a kid running around their house. Alerted to this weird situation, Damon can't help but tease Elena, "So having sex dreams about my brother?"


'Vampire Diaries' Stars and Showrunner Address Elena's Future With Damon and Stefan

March 24, 2014 10:03:08

"" cast, including , and , and executive producers Julie Plec and Caroline Dries attended the PaleyFest panel on Saturday, March 22. They discussed what's next in the current season 5 of the show, including the long withstanding love triangle between Elena and the Salvatore brothers.

In the latest episode, Damon and Elena thought they shouldn't be together as they called their relationship "toxic," but ended up in bed together. "They recognize the elements of the codependency in their relationship," Plec said of the couple's current relationship status. "They need to have legit, adult conversations about it. And if they end up in sex ..."


'The Vampire Diaries' 5.17 Preview: Liv Attacks Elena

March 21, 2014 02:03:36

"When you're in love, someone always gets hurt," so reads a tagline in a preview for next week's episode of "". After a night of lust, Elena tells Damon in the morning that it was a mistake, but Damon hopes she keeps making "mistakes."

Damon later laments how to tell his brother Stefan that he "broke up with the love of his life and then broke the bed." Elena is in danger as Liv, the new witch, suddenly attacks her. Liv knows that the Travelers are up to "something big."


'Vampire Diaries' 5.13 Preview: Murder Buddies

January 31, 2014 03:01:43

The key word is "Enzo". Preview to the 13th episode of "" season 5 reveals Damon and his former Augustine cellmate Enzo, played by guest star Michael Malarkey, making a pact against Stefan's pleasure.

After making a disturbing discovery, Stefan has a frustrating conversation with Damon and Enzo. Still bent on revenge, Damon and Enzo resort to violence to convince Bonnie and Jeremy to help them, but their plan takes an unexpected and horrifying turn.


'The Vampire Diaries' 5.10 Preview: Stefan Warns Aaron Not to Test Him

December 06, 2013 02:12:21

Stefan will try to bargain with Dr. Wes to free Elena and Damon in the midseason finale of "". The younger Salvatore holds Aaron hostage in an attempt to save his loved ones, who are still locked in Wes' torture chamber.

Stefan looks very mad and ready to kill as he holds Aaron by the throat up against a wall, warning Aaron not to test him. Meanwhile, Enzo, who is still alive after left to die by Damon in 1950s, may turn against Damon.


'The Vampire Diaries' 5.09 Clip: Caroline to Put Stefan Back in the Box

November 30, 2013 12:11:02

Caroline shows up with an unusual form of therapy to help Stefan get over his ordeal on "". In a new clip for the new episode, Stefan questions Caroline's intention with the box, in which Stefan spent three months drowning during the summer.

It appears that Caroline wants Stefan to get into the box again so that he can deal with his PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder). But since Caroline is taking a drama major in college, Stefan doubts her knowledge in handling the issue.


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