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Video: Kristen Wiig Visits 'Tonight Show' as Khaleesi From 'Game of Thrones'

May 01, 2015 10:05:25

channeled her inner Mother of Dragon when stopping by "" on Wednesday night, April 29. She dressed up as Khaleesi from "", complete with a toy dragon glued to her shoulder.

In an interview with , she said her real name was "Karen" and her dragon's name was "Carl." It got more hilarious as she told the host that she lived in the forest, in a dome on top of a mountain.


Video: Michelle Obama and Jimmy Fallon Reunite for 'The Evolution of Mom Dancing Part 2'

April 04, 2015 12:04:35

It's been two years since Michelle Obama and did "The Evolution of Mom Dancing" on the "Late Night" show. On Thursday, April 3, the two reunited on "The Tonight Show" for a second part of "The Evolution of Mom Dancing" to celebrate the fifth anniversary of the First Lady's "Let's Move!" campaign and its new #GimmeFive challenge.

Sporting matching pink sweater, Mrs. Obama and Fallon began with the "Shimmy Twist" before recreating other classic moves like the "Shush and Tush", the "Knock Knock", the "I Can Still Do This Dance Because My Arms Are in Shape" and the "Trying to Start a Conga Line".


Jimmy Fallon Unveils His Wax Figures, Sings With Them on 'Tonight Show'

March 28, 2015 01:03:26

will now be immortalized at Madame Tussauds and he took to his "Tonight Show" to introduce his five wax figures. On Thursday, March 26, he aired a skit in which he sang ' classic "Barbara Ann" with his replicas in his dressing room.

When Questlove took a look inside the room, he found Fallon dancing and singing alone. "What the f**k?" he blurted out, without bothering to stop the funnyman. When things started to become creepy, Fallon woke up to realize that it was just a dream, before he found the wax figures in his bed.


Ariana Grande Channels Celine Dion, Has Sing-Off With Jimmy Fallon

March 22, 2015 03:03:58

showed off her impressive vocal chops during a visit to "" on Friday, March 20. She dropped by the show while she was in New York for Honeymoon tour stop at the Madison Square Garden.

The former Nickelodeon star did an epic impression of during a duet with . She was imitating Dion's accent and dramatic gestures while hitting high notes during the impromptu collaboration with the host.


Will Ferrell Calls Bill O'Reilly 'Sourpuss' on 'Letterman', Dresses as Little Debbie on 'Fallon'

March 20, 2015 12:03:31

made a series of TV appearances to hype up his new comedy "". The actor stopped by "" and then "" for the press tour.

On "Letterman", Ferrell dressed as leprechaun to celebrate St. Patrick Day and talked about "SNL" 40 special. He recalled seeing the A-list audience enthusiastically clapping, except for Bill O'Reilly, as delivered his monologue.


Jimmy Fallon Plays Musical Beers With Hugh Jackman and Chris Hemsworth

March 07, 2015 12:03:21

challenged his guests to a silly game yet again. The "Tonight Show" host challenged , who dropped by to promote his new movie "", to Musical Beers. The actor sported a ridiculous mullet as a reference to his hairstyle in the film.

who is due to host "" this weekend joined the duo and demanded his own wig. "SNL" cast members Colin Jost, Bobby Moynihan, and Kate McKinnon rounded out the players to make the game merrier.


Video: Christina Aguilera Does Amazing Impression of Britney Spears on 'Tonight Show'

February 25, 2015 09:02:15

did flawless impression of fellow former Disney star when she visited "". Appearing in the Monday night, February 23 episode of the late-night show, the singer was challenged by host to a round of "Wheel of Musical Impressions".

The game started with Aguilera belting out the "Folgers Coffee" jingle in the style of . Fallon was up next, singing "Grand Old Flag" like . The coach of "" later wowed everyone including Fallon when she imitated her former rival Spears. She tackled "This Little Piggy" over the instrumental of Spears' "Baby One More Time".


Video: Will Smith and Jimmy Fallon Beatbox 'It Takes Two' on 'Tonight Show'

February 06, 2015 04:02:41

loves music and when , who started his career as a rapper back in 1980s, stopped by his show as a guest, he didn't waste time to ask Smith for a musical collaboration. On Thursday night, February 5, the two delivered a beat box version of Rob Base and DJ E-Z Rock's "It Takes Two" using an iPad app.

They started by making looping beat boxing tracks, before rapping the lyrics of the 1988 hit hip-hop single. The duo was so into their performance that they got off their seats and walked forward to get closer to the audience. Smith then asked the viewers to sing along with them.


Jimmy Fallon and 'Saved the by the Bell' Cast Revisit Bayside High in 'Tonight Show' Sketch

February 05, 2015 02:02:14

reunited the cast of "Saved the by the Bell" for a "Tonight Show" sketch that paid tribute to the 90s TV show. In the 8-minute clip, Fallon played a younger version of himself and enrolled at Bayside High School.

He was joined by , , , and Dennis Haskins who reprised their characters Zack Morris, Kelly Kapowski, A.C. Slater, Jessie Spano and Mr. Belding respectively. They even recreated some memorable moments from the sitcom, including Jesse's "I'm so excited!" scene and Slater's ballet moves.


Video: Jimmy Fallon Raps in 'Fresh Prince of Bel-Air' Parody

February 04, 2015 11:02:04

recreated "Fresh Prince of Bel-Air" opening title sequence in the cold open for the Monday, February 2 episode of "The Tonight Show". The comedian sat on a spinning throne similar to the one did in the original as he began explaining "The Tonight Show's" temporary move from NYC to Los Angeles.

"This is a story all about how my life got flipped turned upside down," he rapped to the tune of "The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air" theme song. "And I'd like to take a minute if that's okay, I'll tell you how I brought the 'Tonight Show' back out to L.A."


Jimmy Fallon and Drew Barrymore 'Dirty Dancing' on 'Tonight Show' Post-Super Bowl Episode

February 02, 2015 06:02:38

made a surprise appearance in the post-Super Bowl episode of "". The "" actress joined for his performance of "(I've Had) The Time of My Life" while he was fighting off and in a lip sync battle.

Barrymore and Fallon did a "Dirty Dancing" lift with a twist, with the latter lying on the stage and lifting Barrymore up above him. The comedian was so excited that he tore his pants and showed the holes on his knees at the end of the performance.


Video: Chris Hemsworth Dances While Sprayed With Water on Jimmy Fallon's Show

January 14, 2015 03:01:52

and played water war on "The Tonight Show" Tuesday night, January 13 which ended up with the hunky actor showing off his buffed body in his drenched shirt. In this friendly game, either the "" star or the host threw a glass of water to their opponent who got a lower card.

"We each have five glasses of water. The first to throw all five glasses of water on their opponent wins and gets to water canon the loser," the comedian explained the rule. At one point when Fallon almost used all his glasses of water, Hemsworth switched his stack of cards with Fallon's, but to no avail.


Video: Chris Rock Revealed as the New Hashtag the Panda on 'Tonight Show'

December 22, 2014 09:12:15

"" has apparently landed another A-list actor to play Hashtag the Panda. was previously revealed as the show's beloved dancing mascot, but he made it clear that he had given up the job since he's busy with his new movie "".

Hashtag the Panda showed up while Stiller was talking with about the third "Night at the Museum" movie. "" star was annoyed that Hashtag the Panda ruined his interview and confronted the dancing panda.


Video: Justin Timberlake and Jimmy Fallon Reprise Teen Personas in New 'Tonight Show' Skit

December 17, 2014 04:12:22

and 's teen alter egos were back on "" Tuesday night, December 16. The host and his frequent guest reprised their roles as camp buddies in a new skit set during a summer at Camp Winnipesaukee.

It apparently has been a year since they last saw each other and Fallon couldn't help noticing the change in Timberlake's physical appearance, particularly his growing beard. They later played a game of "Truth or Dare" before launching into a rendition of 's "Jumper". It annoyed camp counselor Mr. Fletcher (A.D. Miles) since it's already time for bed.


Video: Steve Carell Joins Jimmy Fallon for 'Sexual Healing' on 'Tonight Show'

December 12, 2014 08:12:57

helped deliver an a cappella rendition of 's "Sexual Healing" on "The Tonight Show". The former Michael Scott depicter on NBC's "" joined Fallon's barbershop quartet The Ragtime Gals to sing the classic, jumping in front of the camera right after the group started the performance.

Donning the quartet's signature striped suit complete with a matching hat and a red bow tie, the "" actor sang, "Get up! Get up! Get up! Get up! Let's make love tonight. Wake up, Wake up, Wake up, Wake up - 'cos you do it right."


Video: Jimmy Fallon and Rashida Jones Turn Recent Hits Into Holiday Songs

November 28, 2014 01:11:13

got in holiday spirit when hosting "The Tonight Show" Thursday night, November 27. He teamed up with to turn this year's biggest songs into a medley of Hanukkah, Thanksgiving and Christmas songs.

They kicked it off with a take on 's "All About That Bass". "Yeah, my mama she cooked me a turkey with all the sides/ Then she made me some cranberry sauce and then 12 pumpkin pies/ Because you know I'm gonna gain some weight, gain some weight (need sweatpants)," they sang, bringing a pair of oversized pants. "I'm gonna gain some weight, gain some weight (need sweatpants)."


Jay Leno Pokes Fun at Jimmy Fallon During His Return to 'Tonight Show'

November 09, 2014 09:11:17

stole the show when he returned to "The Tonight Show" Friday night, November 7 as a guest. The funnyman roasted his successor , nine months after stepping down as a host on the NBC late-night talk show.

Leno did a stand-up routine before taking a seat opposite Fallon for the interview segment. During the monologue, he took on NFL, Apple watch, and among other pop cultures.


Jay Leno to Return to 'Tonight Show' as a Guest

November 04, 2014 08:11:25

is set to return to "Tonight Show", but not to take over the reign from . The veteran comedian will make appearance on the NBC late-night talk show as a guest this Friday, November 7.

This will be Leno's first time returning to the show since he passed the baton to Fallon in February this year. He, however, made a cameo in Fallon's parody of "", "House of Cue Cards", which aired on "Tonight Show" in August.


Video: Kevin Spacey Nails Celebrity Impressions on 'Tonight Show'

November 03, 2014 01:11:29

Academy Award-winning actor showed his other skill on "". Appearing as a guest in the Friday, October 31 episode of the talk show, he and played "Wheel of Impressions" where they took turn doing randomly selected impressions of celebrities talking about Halloween topics.

Spacey got the first turn, impersonating Johnny Carson who talked about costume parties. The "" stayed in character as he asked Fallon if he could press the button to choose the next celebrity and topic for Fallon. The comedian took on Dr. Phil talking to Frankenstein.


Video: Robert Downey Jr. and Jimmy Fallon Have Intense Staredown on 'Tonight Show'

October 09, 2014 04:10:42

had an intense staredown with when he stopped by "" on Wednesday, October 8. The skit featured the two guys dressing as hermits complete with long hair pondering the mysteries of the universe while sitting in the snowy mountains.

The "" actor and the comedian did not speak but shared some supposedly "wise" sayings through their minds. "Osprey, I await. Pray upon my loins. Mount my torso like the bull of Poseidon," Downey Jr. said.


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