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'Once Upon a Time' Star Reveals the Show's Renewal

April 18, 2015 01:04:27

"" has been picked up for a fifth season although ABC has not officially announced it. unwittingly revealed the show's renewal during an appearance on local show on Los Angeles CW affiliate KTLA.

"The show's already been picked up, so you go back when?" a reporter asked the actor, who plays David Nolan/Prince Charming on the fantasy series. He then responded, "July," possibly assuming that the renewal had been announced.


'Once Upon a Time' Oscars Promo Teases a Corrupted Hero

February 23, 2015 01:02:39

ABC released a new promo for "" during the Academy Awards telecast to tide fans over the show's March return. It teases the dark side of Emma as she is seen walking in the woods before being joined by Maleficent, Ursula and Cruella de Vil.

"There are three ways to corrupt a hero. Three ways to tarnish a savior," so Rumplestiltskin says in a voiceover, "For Cruella, Ursula and Maleficent to attain their happy ending, they must find someone whose soul can be molded, someone whose heart is burning with blindness...who's ready to walk on the dark side."


'Once Upon a Time': The Sorcerer Will Be Revealed in Second Half of Season 4

December 27, 2014 11:12:27

2014 isn't over yet, but "" executive producers Adam Horowitz and Edward Kitsis have teased fans with what to expect when the show returns next year. The duo gives simple "Yes," "No" or "Can't say" answers to the questions given by some Twitter users.

Horowitz reveals that the Sorcerer will finally be seen in the second half of the fourth season, but Kitsis won't say if the Sorcerer is the author of the story book. He, however, promises that fans will find out what happened to those who were inside the Sorcerer's hat.


'Once Upon a Time' Preview: 'Darkness on the Edge of Town'

December 15, 2014 04:12:41

A preview for the next episode of "" called "Darkness on the Edge of Town" has been released ahead of its air date next year. Fans have to wait a bit more for the upcoming episode in season four which features the Queens of Darkness.

In the preview released on Sunday, December 14, Queens of Darkness which consist of Cruella De Vil, Maleficent and Ursula are seen in action. "You want darkness? I'll give you darkness," says Maleficent in menacing voice. The ABC series will return on March 1 after finishing its first half of the season with "Heroes and Villains" on December 14.


'Once Upon a Time' 4.04 Trailer: Captain Hook Gets His Hand Back

October 13, 2014 03:10:53

After airing the episode titled "Rocky Road" on Sunday, October 12, ABC unveiled a preview for next week's episode of "". The episode called "The Apprentice" will see Killian Jones () and Emma Swan () on their first proper date.

Jones, who became Captain Hook after losing his hand in episode 2.04 "The Crocodile", is also losing his hook in the upcoming episode as he gets his hand back with "a little magic." However, the hand will soon turn into a curse because, as the voiceover says, magic always has a price.


'Once Upon a Time' Season 4 Teasers: Elsa Arrives in Storybrooke

September 01, 2014 10:09:44

ABC teases Elsa's (Georgina Haig) arrival in Storybrooke in two new promos for "" season 4. One of the videos shows the characters' various reactions to the new resident as the Snow Queen, whose face is unseen in the clip, passes through the town, leaving a chilly trail.

Mary Margaret a.k.a. Snow White and David a.k.a. Prince Charming draw their weapons, Captain Hook looks confused as his iconic hook gets frozen, and Emma just can't believe what she has just seen. Meanwhile, Regina says, "Here we go again..."


'Once Upon a Time' Reveals First Look at Its Anna of 'Frozen'

August 08, 2014 10:08:25

"" has released a new photo from its ""-themed storyline. The picture offers the first look at Elizabeth Lail's Anna, who is featured alongside her sister Elsa a.k.a. the Snow Queen (Georgina Haig).

ABC has previously released photos of Haig's Anna, 's Kristoff and his travelling companion, Sven the reindeer. Lucky audience at the recent Comic-Con even got a chance to watch footage from the show's upcoming season featuring Anna and Elsa together.


'Once Upon a Time' Unveils Official Photos of 'Frozen' Characters

August 04, 2014 03:08:31

"" has released the first official pictures of its "" characters. The images show Georgina Haig as Elsa a.k.a. Snow Queen and as Anna's love interest Kristoff, who in one of the photos is seen feeding his travelling companion, Sven the reindeer.

Other characters from the Disney movie set to appear on the fantasy drama series are Anna who will be portrayed by Elizabeth Lail, Prince Hans who will be played by Tyler Jacob Moore, and rock troll Pabbie who will be voiced by John Rhys-Davies.


'Once Upon a Time' Casts Tyler Jacob Moore as Prince Hans of 'Frozen'

July 29, 2014 12:07:08

"" has cast actors to fill more "" roles. The show has tapped "" star Tyler Jacob Moore as Prince Hans, and "The Lord of the Rings" trilogy actor John Rhys-Davies to provide the voice of rock troll Pabbie.

The casting news was announced by executive producer Adam Horowitz. He tweeted on Monday, July 28, "We're thrilled to welcome John Rhys-Davies to the #OnceUponATime family as the voice of everyone's favorite rock troll -- Pabbie! #ThisFall!"


First Look at Georgina Haig as Elsa on 'Once Upon a Time' Set Emerges

July 17, 2014 07:07:08

Georgina Haig was seen hitting "" set on Wednesday afternoon, July 16 in Vancouver, Canada. The Australian actress channeled her inner Snow Queen or Elsa from the movie "". She donned a blue dress and a long braid.

"Ahhhh blonde hair- sometimes I think you look quite nice, other times like village of the damned high school reunion," she tweeted. She was joined on the set by , , , , and Jared Gilmore.


Giancarlo Esposito to Return to 'Once Upon a Time'

July 10, 2014 11:07:16

Giancarlo Esposito is returning to "" this fall. The actor is going to reprise his role as Magic Mirror a.k.a. Sidney Glass in the fourth season of the fairy-tale series on ABC.

Most recently, Esposito took part on NBC's "". He played Major Tom Neville on the series. His other credits include "" where he played Gustavo "Gus" Fring and a guest role on NBC's "".


'Once Upon a Time' Casts Georgina Haig as Elsa of 'Frozen'

July 04, 2014 03:07:05

"" has found its Elsa in Aussie star Georgina Haig ("", ""). The 28-year-old actress is confirmed to play the Snow Queen who was voiced by in the recent film version.

Executive producer Edward Kitsis told THR in May, "[What] we loved so much about the character of Elsa was that she was considered a villain but she never really was. She was misunderstood. That, on our show, speaks to us so strongly, that it was a toy we had to play with."


'Once Upon a Time' Casts 'Frozen' Characters Anna and Kristoff

July 02, 2014 09:07:27

"" has found its Anna and Kristoff of Disney's movie "". Newcomer Elizabeth Lail and "" alum are cast in the roles of Anna and Kristoff respectively, TVLine reports.

Anna is described as "a fun-loving, fearless optimist who often gets herself into situations where she is in over her head, yet is able to triumph due to her resourcefulness and can-do spirit." She's voiced by in the animated movie.


'Once Upon a Time' Season 4 Will Also Feature Anna and Kristoff of 'Frozen'

June 09, 2014 08:06:23

More "" characters are coming to "". In addition to The Snow Queen a.k.a. Elsa who was introduced in a teaser for season 4, Anna and Kristoff will reportedly be also featured in the next installment of the fantasy drama series.

According to TVLine, casting in now underway for the Snow Queen, her sister Anna and ice merchant Kristoff. Elsa is said to appear in approximately nine episodes, while the other two characters will appear in less episodes. The show's bosses said "no comment" when asked if a CGI Olaf would also show up on the ABC series.


'Once Upon a Time' Season 4 Teaser Introduces 'Frozen' Character

May 12, 2014 03:05:17

Winter is coming to "". The third season finale of the ABC drama series hints at the appearance of a "" character, which is further confirmed with a post on the show's official Twitter page. "Get ready...," so reads the message which accompanies a picture of what looks like The Snow Queen a.k.a. Elsa from the back.

The final seconds of the two-part season finale also includes footage that teases Elsa's grand entrance, which may include a time portal. The character, which was voiced by in the Disney animated movie, is also featured showing off her power.


'Once Upon a Time' Execs Talking About 'Frozen' Crossover

April 18, 2014 01:04:56

With "" any crossover becomes possible. It has just been reported that the ABC series may present the Princess siblings from hit movie "" at some point.

The hint came from "Once Upon a Time" producers Eddie Kitsis and Adam Horowitz who told E! News that talks were underway to bring the "Frozen" characters to the show. , who voiced Princess Anna in the movie, was invited to guest star.


'Once Upon a Time' Finds Its Rapunzel in 'Originals' Alumna Alexandra Metz

December 05, 2013 04:12:51

Another fairytale character will enter the fantasy world of "". The show has tapped former "" star Alexandra Metz to portray the long-haired Rapunzel. She will make her debut in the 14th episode set to air in 2014.

Metz played the late witch Katie on "" spin-off on The CW. She also once guest starred in an episode of "" and "", and appeared in several episodes of NBC's hit drama "".


'Once Upon a Time' 3.07 Preview: Belle Is Back to Help Henry and Family

November 04, 2013 02:11:49

From under the sea to the shores of Storybrooke, the battle to reunite their family comes home on "". When the fantasy series returns with a new episode next week, the fate of Neverland is in the hands of Ariel who just got introduced in the latest outing, the returning Belle and others in Storybrooke.

Belle enlists the help of some of the dwarves, the Blue Fairy and Archie Hopper to help rescue Henry and his family in Neverland and get them home. Someone, of course, will try to stop them as desperate Belle says they need to succeed in their plan or "everyone we really care about will die."


Marilyn Manson Lands on 'Once Upon a Time', James Van Der Beek Returns to 'HIMYM'

October 19, 2013 10:10:22

books a trip to the fantasy land of "". The four-time Grammy Award-nominated rocker will lend his voice to Shadow, "a character whose voice will give life to the very essence of Neverland."

Series creators and executive producers Eddy Kitsis and Adam Horowitz tell Rolling Stone, "We've always been enormous fans of Marilyn Manson. We wanted to cast someone with the vocal ability to make our skin crawl."


First Look at Tinker Bell on 'Once Upon a Time'

September 03, 2013 10:09:50

A new photo from "" season 3 has given the first look at Tinker Bell. Making its way out via TV Guide, the photo shows in character, donning a green costume and holding a wand while walking side by side with 's The Evil Queen in a possibly flashback scene.

New Zealand actress McIver calls her Tinker Bell "glamorous," saying that she comes with a magic wand and a mysterious past. "Captain Hook has a history with Tink and wants to find her to help lead the team to Peter Pan's camp," she dishes on her character that will get digitally-added wings in post-production.


First Look at Lancelot on 'Once Upon a Time'

September 08, 2012 12:09:36

Guide to 2011 Fall New TV Series (Part 3/4)

September 08, 2011 04:09:02

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