Young Justice

Episode 1.25 : Usual Suspects

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Episode Premiere

April 14, 2012


Cartoon Network


Superhero fiction

Show Period

2010 - 2013

Production Company

DC Entertainment Warner Bros. Animation

Cast and Crew


Jay Olivia, Tim Divar


Kevin Hopps

Main Cast


December 30: Red Arrow, Icon, Plastic Man, The Atom, and Doctor Fate are welcomed into the Justice League while Icon's protege Rocket joins the Team. During the ceremony, the Team receives an alert about Cheshire boarding a plane. After finding the plane crashed, Riddler reveals that they have been lured into an ambush as the group is attacked by him, Cheshire, Mammoth, and Shimmer. After winning the battle, the Team recovers a suitcase containing advanced microchips and give it to Batman. Later, Superboy takes the Sphere to Santa Prisca after receiving a message from Lex Luthor, finding Luthor, Queen Bee, Cheshire, Sportsmaster, Bane, and Blockbuster there. Artemis and Miss Martian arrive separately, causing the three heroes to display shock at each other. However, in flashbacks, these three reveal their secrets to the rest of the team, showing their current actions as a ploy to lure the villains into the open. The Team manages to win the fight, but Luthor and Queen Bee escape on a helicopter. In the Watchtower, the mole is revealed to be Red Arrow who was somehow brainwashed into using the microchips to take control of the entire Justice League. A mind-controlled Batman authorizes Vandal Savage entry into the Watchtower.

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