Young Justice

Episode 1.22 : Agendas

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Episode Premiere

March 24, 2012


Cartoon Network


Superhero fiction

Show Period

2010 - 2013

Production Company

DC Entertainment Warner Bros. Animation

Cast and Crew


Michael Chang


Kevin Hopps

Main Cast


November 25:Superboy returns to Project Cadmus to investigate a rumor by Lex Luthor that the top-secret genetics lab has created another Superman clone.[14], when he discovers this to be true, he learns that the clone, code-named "Match" was the first attempt to clone Superman from purely Kryptonian DNA. The resulting clone is far more unstable and violent, prompting a fight. Luthor gives Superboy "shields", superman-symboled patches which stick to his skin and enable him to block his human DNA, allowing him to access his full Kryptonian powers, which he uses to subdue Match and place him back in cryogenic stasis. He also learns that his DNA is mixed with Lex Luthor himself, and that Luthor can shut Superboy down with a simple phrase.

Meanwhile at the Watchtower, members of the Justice League meet to vote on the new or continued membership of multiple heroes.

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