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Episode 5.14 : Petersen/Vaughn

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Episode Premiere

February 27, 2009





Show Period

2004 - 2010

Production Company

RDF USA, Embassy Row


In California's northern Bay area, the Petersens are an unconventional family of three. Parents Susan and David teach laughing yoga while raising their only child, 10 year-old Victor. Victor is the head of the household, creates rules for his friends, has no actual responsibilities and bosses his parents around on a daily basis. David, although the father of the home, is a self-proclaimed freak who is proud to be nuts and prides himself on wearing a tiara, as well as tie-dyed clothing. Susan and David operate on the supposition that Victor's happiness is everything. Their non-traditional lifestyle is reflected in their attitude that husband or wife, male or female, everyone plays an equal role at home and in society.

In a more remote part of California, in an isolated town with a population of 50, resides the Vaughn family. Justin, the father, is a dairy farmer who rarely sees his four children or wife, and is often more concerned with his cows than his own family. Beth, the mother and disciplinarian of the home, is strict and teaches her children that life is not fun, but involves hard work and sacrifice; she's content not to be a friend to her kids, but rather the authoritarian. Ryan (9), Zachary (7), Marissa (6) and Grace (4) live alone on their farm, 40 miles from school, and have multiple chores that take up most of their free time. The kids are sad to live such an isolated existence, but parents Justin and Beth maintain that life isn't always fun and happy.

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