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Episode 5.04 : Melton/Dufrene

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Episode Premiere

October 24, 2008





Show Period

2004 - 2010

Production Company

RDF USA, Embassy Row


In California, wife Monique (43) and husband Mike (49) are classically trained ballet dancers, and son Jake (12) has been following in their footsteps since the tender age of three. Monique and Mike are raising their son to appreciate the finer things in life, taking him to operas, art galleries and wine and cheese parties. As performers, all three Meltons take extreme care of their appearance, and both Mike and Monique always make sure Jake looks his best.

Brandi Dufrene (29) and husband Pookie (33) run airboat tours on the Bayou, while their three boys, Dalen (11), Gavin (8) and Zane (4), run wild in the swamp - - fishin', huntin' and froggin' - and treading a trail of mud into the Dufrene home. Brandi is fighting a losing battle as the only girl in a house of Cajun wildmen. The boys use her makeup as warpaint and leave muddy socks all around the yard. Husband Pookie is no help, egging his boys on to more mischief and leaving Brandi to cope with all the chores and discipline.

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