Episode 1.03 : All That Glitters

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TV Info

Episode Premiere

October 09, 2012





Show Period

2012 - 2013

Production Company

CBS Television Studios

Cast and Crew


Greg Beeman


Seth Hoffman

Main Cast

Additional Cast

  • James Russo
  • Michael Wiseman
  • Jonathan Banks
  • Joe Sabatino


Lamb and his team investigate the death of Olympic medalist and boxer Tommy Carroll, who appears to have been assaulted and killed an alleyway off of Fremont street. Lamb and Jack interrogate Tommy's best friend and teammate Ray Humphries, who reveals that Tommy was secretly suffering from a neck injury and taking injections to deal with the pain so he could still fight. They slowly piece the evidence and testimony together and learn that Tommy was also trying to help the wife of another one of his teammates get away from her abusive husband. That man, Henry Davidson, assumed Tommy was having an affair with his wife and assaulted him with a pipe. However, when the coroner's report determines that the cause of death was actually a heart attack, Lamb reasons that Tommy's friend Ray slipped him some medication to prevent him from fighting, with the intention of saving his friend from further harm. Instead, Ray accidentally killed his friend.

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