Top of the Lake

Episode 1.07 : Episode 7

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Episode Premiere

April 15, 2013





Show Period

2013 - 2013

Production Company

Escapade Pictures, See-Saw Films

Cast and Crew


Jane Campion, Garth Davis

Main Cast


Tui is about to give birth somewhere in the wilderness, and still the search for her has proven fruitless. Robin goes to Matt's house to hear his confession. His revelation is shocking-far from anything she had expected. The news Matt tells Robin injects a nearly insurmountable problem into her relationship with Johnno. While Robin is distraught, Matt remains frustrated with lack of progress in the search for his daughter. He flies into a violent rage and, at the end of his wits, takes matters into his own hands. Yet Robin summons her final shreds of strength in a desperate race to find Tui before Matt does. Nothing can prepare her for what she will witness. In a final and shocking conclusion, Robin acts on instinct as she confronts the true evil at the heart of her investigation.

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