Episode 1.07 : Because I Got High

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Episode Premiere

August 28, 2014





Show Period

2014 - 2014

Production Company

Fox 21, Little Engine Entertainment

Cast and Crew


Paul A. Edwards


Jason George

Main Cast

Additional Cast

  • Sergio Osuna
  • Ashley Diana Morris
  • Danyella Angel
  • Manny Jacinto


Rush is called away from a raucous party in his hotel room to save the life of Tyler Dougan, his rockstar childhood idol.

Tyler invites Rush over for drinks as a thank you. The two hit it off wildly. The doctor gushes about Dougan's music and an impromptu songwriting session takes place. Tyler convinces Rush to take it to the next level by drinking Ayahuasca, a powerful psychedelic.

After searching through her apartment for some missing belongings, Eve argues with Rush about the fact that he never admits he's wrong. Lucas denies taking anything from Eve's apartment when questioned about her disappearing items. While waiting in line to renew Rush's medical license, Eve meets a policeman and asks what to do in her situation. After their conversation, she begins to suspect that JP may be behind it all.

Laurel and Alex debate where to spend their limited funds- repairing the house or visiting family in Mexico. Alex agrees to fill in for Rush on a job, giving him extra cash for the family trip and clearing Rush's schedule for the Ayahuasca trip. Alex treats a producer on a film set. On his way out, an accident occurs with one of the actors. Alex saves the day. He clearly enjoys a taste of Rush's daily drama.

Eve returns home. Scared for her safety, she invites Lucas over. He makes an admission that may end things forever. Meanwhile, inside Rush's trip, his father calls him in to the hospital to perform emergency surgery. Rush comes to the realization that he is reliving a painful incident from his past: the night he lost everything. As much as he tries, he can't change the outcome. But the traumatic hallucination provides Rush with some much-needed perspective.

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Olivia Wilde, Chris Hemsworth
Filming Takes Place for Rush
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Olivia Wilde, Chris Hemsworth
Filming Takes Place for Rush
Apr 02, 2012