Nurse Jackie

Episode 2.11 : What the Day Brings

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Episode Premiere

May 31, 2010




Comedy, Drama

Show Period

2009 - now

Production Company

Showtime Entertainment Television

Cast and Crew


Paul Feig


Rick Cleveland

Main Cast


After avoiding Eddie, O'Hara and the drug dealer who has come looking for his stolen pills, Jackie takes off early for a family vacation upstate. Kevin and the girls are excited, but every activity they've planned is a disaster. Still, Kevin and Jackie make it work and things seem better between them. But when Jackie misplaces the stash of pills she brought to get her through the vacation, she starts to unravel bit by bit. Meanwhile, we see All Saints without Jackie for the first time - Dr.Cooper confesses to Eddie he's been sleeping with Sam's girlfriend and Eddie tells Sam. The drug dealer keeps waiting around to find Jackie. After a nice dinner and an honest conversation, Jackie lets slip that she took the money from Dr. O'Hara. Kevin's furious and takes off, leaving Jackie stranded on vacation with the girls.

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