The Mentalist

Episode 3.19 : Every Rose Has It's Thorn

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Episode Premiere

April 07, 2011





Show Period

2008 - 2015

Production Company


Cast and Crew


Charles Beeson


Ken Woodruff

Main Cast

Additional Cast

  • Morena Baccarin as Erica Flynn
  • Jonathan Baron
  • Jillian Bach
  • Marinette Patterson
  • Kim Johnston Ulrich


The owner of an exclusive matchmaking website is murdered and Jane is sure that the victim's wife, Erica, is the killer. But when the CBI has to release her due to lack of evidence and a seemingly airtight alibi, Jane finds his investigation at a dead end. After exploring the world of high-end dating services, our team discovers that at least one of the women has been videotaping her encounters with rich men in order to blackmail them for tens of thousands of dollars. While our team investigates this angle, Jane can't shake his initial feeling that answer lies with Erica. When inconsistencies in Erica's alibi begin to surface, Jane realizes that her assistant Peter is the key. Unfortunately, Peter is in love with his boss and refuses to incriminate her. Jane knows that if he's going to solve the case, he's going to have to get Peter to betray the woman he loves.

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