Episode 1.05 : Part Five

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Episode Premiere

April 06, 2014





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2014 - Now

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Pilgrim Studios

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For the first time since completing rehab, Lindsay must maintain her sobriety without the presence of her sober coach. Her career, however, consumes her focus as she attempts to restore her credibility. Life coach A.J. Johnson encourages Lindsay to take the initiative and connects her to DeVon Franklin, a Sony executive.

After almost three weeks, Lindsay's furniture finally arrives. While she sleeps the morning away, Matt attempts to coordinate 19,000 pounds of belongings. However, when Lindsay wakes up and sees her apartment overflowing with boxes, she loses it and tells Matt to get rid of the film crew.

Then, Lindsay leaves for a trip to Los Angeles, promising to stay with A.J. and meet with DeVon. In the end, she does neither. A.J. never hears from Lindsay, and instead, she sees her face splashed across the tabloids after she's photographed reaching for a wine bottle. When Lindsay returns to New York, A.J. meets with her, hoping for an explanation, but she doesn't get one.

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