Episode 1.04 : Part Four

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Episode Premiere

March 30, 2014





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2014 - Now

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Pilgrim Studios

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Main Cast


After confronting Lindsay about her erratic behavior, Oprah sits down with Dina Lohan. Lindsay's mother reveals that she never wanted Lindsay to move to Los Angeles at such an early age, and recounts the moments she feared her daughter wouldn't survive.

Meanwhile, Lindsay, eager to get back on set, joins her friend Jimmy Fallon in a sketch on his late-night talk show. She glows, thrilled to be back in front of a camera.

Then, as part of her court-ordered probation, Lindsay performs community service at a children's center in the city. During her visit, Lindsay immediately bonds with a young boy.

Finally, a late-night emergency lands Lindsay in the dentist's chair. However, her fear of the dentist is so severe that she insists on anesthesia, a cause for concern for any recovering addict. As her sober coach, Michael Cormier, packs his bags to return to Los Angeles, he says he knows Lindsay has the tools she needs to sustain sobriety, but he's not convinced she's using them.

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