Law & Order: Criminal Intent

Episode 7.12 : Contract

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TV Info

Episode Premiere

June 15, 2008


NBC, USA Network


Drama, Crime

Show Period

2001 - 2011

Production Company

NBC Universal, Studios USA TV, Universal Network

Cast and Crew


Jonathan Herron


Peter Blauner, Warren Leight

Main Cast

Additional Cast


A local TV news anchor is blackmailed by TK Richmond, a tabloid gossip columnist. When the anchorman goes to the police and wears a wire, the car blows up and TK is killed, the anchorman hurt.

There's a long list of people who want TK hurt, as the cops soon discover. He was blackmailing famous people, ostensibly for the money to open a restaurant. He lives with his 17-year-old sister Jeannie who is preparing for the funeral, and a mobster approaches Jeannie and it's obvious TK had some major gambling debts.

But the mobster explains that TK is worth more alive since he owes money, so they turn their attention on TK's humongous drug stash. Apparently, TK had inside information on athletes, and they suspect he was getting the information from his physician, Dr. Jacoby. There's also a connection to a blind item about Lloyd Spencer, a huge star who recently died on set, ostensibly from a heart problem. But when the cops investigate, the studio executive, Bev Tomkins, is shocked to hear about any drug involvement in Spencer's death.

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