Kyle XY

Episode 2.21 : Grey Matters

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TV Info

Episode Premiere

March 03, 2008


ABC Family


Drama, Sci-Fi, Mystery

Show Period

2006 - 2009

Production Company

ABC Stud., BenderSpink, Kyle XY Prod., Touchstone

Cast and Crew


Michael Robison


Eric Tuchman

Main Cast

Additional Cast

  • Kelly Wiwchar
  • Leon Chabot
  • Fiona Vroom
  • Marc Petey


Josh cheated on his placement exams, and Principal Hoover can prove it. How else could a C student bump his scores 27 percent? Josh says he studied, but Hoover isn't buying: Almost all the C students raised their scores.

Someone hacked the school's computers and posted the test on the Web. Hooper has a pretty good idea who did it: Kyle. No one else is smart enough. But Kyle can think of one other person at Beachwood who could and would hack the test: Jessi.

When Hooper holds the prom hostage to force Kyle to come clean, Kyle has a tough choice. Rat on Jessi? Or find a way to make things right, without hurting anyone?

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