King of the Hill

Episode 5.08 : Twas the Nut Before Christmas

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TV Info

Episode Premiere

December 17, 2000


Fox TV


Animation, Comedy

Show Period

1997 - 2009

Production Company

Deedle-Dee, Judgmental, 3 Art, Film Roman, Fox TV

Cast and Crew


Jeff Myers


John Altschuler, Greg Daniels

Main Cast

  • Mike Judge
  • Kathy Najimy
  • Pamela Adlon as Bobby Hill (voice)
  • Brittany Murphy as Luanne Platter/Joseph Gribble (Age 12)
  • Johnny Hardwick
  • Stephen Root
  • Toby Huss

Additional Cast


Bill's Christmas cheer doesn't stop with the New Year!

After being alone for another holiday season, Bill gets inspired by Hank's suggestion to answer a Dear Santa letter. Motivated by his new holiday spirit, Bill decides to create his own Santa's workshop at home and spread the Christmas cheer to all of Arlen's underprivileged youth.

While the rest of Arlen is taking down their decorations after the New Year, Bill refuses to let go of his newfound Saint Nick status and continues to build upon his winter wonderland. Hank and the other neighbors begin to get frustrated but feel guilty about telling Bill to stop the one thing that truly makes him happy.

The turning point comes when a local juvenile delinquent, Wally, cons Bill into letting him stay in Bill's house. Wally starts throwing parties, disturbing neighbors and trashing the street. Hank vows to put a stop to it, but is withdrawn when he sees how Bill has assumed an odd fatherly role to Wally. When Wally gets Bobby drunk though, it's the final straw. Hank forces Bill to make a decision, which ends with Wally being sent to military school.

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