Ke$ha: My Crazy Beautiful Life

Episode 1.06 : Ringing in the New

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May 28, 2013




Documentary, Music

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2013 - Now

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DiGa Vision, Magic Seed Prod.

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After completing the tumultuous recording of her album, "Warrior," Ke$ha launches into a whirlwind promotional tour for her new single, "Die Young." Basking in the success of the single going double platinum, Kesha is on a high. Her good fortune continues when she talks to Conan O'Brien about why he has been such a big supporter and he tells her that he believes in her talent. Things couldn't be looking better for Ke$ha as she rehearses for two huge performances: X Factor and New Years Eve in Times Square. On the day of X Factor, things begin to unravel when she discovers that Perez Hilton released another scandalous picture. Shaken, Ke$ha wonders if she should even go on the show. Fortunately, Ke$ha finds the inner strength to go out and kill the performance. Confident again, Ke$ha goes to Europe to continue her press tour. While there, she meets up with her old friend Gilo (from Episode 1) and sees how her music has given him the outlet to grow into a confident young man. Once things are finally starting to look up for Ke$ha, her song "Die Young" is pulled from the radio in the aftermath of the Newtown school shootings. Ke$ha is disgusted that people would talk about her song instead of trying to help the families affected by this tragedy. Ke$ha takes a break from her work schedule to spend the holidays with her family in Nashville. She goes out with her mother and brother to their favorite spot in Nashville where they all got their start and end up doing an impromptu performance. It is not long before she is whisked away to New York City to play Times Square for New Years Eve, where she reflects on the past two years of filming with her brother and realizes that this is not the end but it is just the beginning.

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