Episode 1.07 : Goodbye High

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Episode Premiere

July 25, 2013




Drama, Action

Show Period

2013 - Now

Production Company

Fox Television Studios

Cast and Crew


Russell Lee Fine


Joe Henderson

Main Cast


Cornered by Mike at a Narcotics Anonymous meeting, Briggs gives the young rookie the whole truth: as a young agent, Briggs was kidnapped by the Kaza cartel and turned into a heroin junkie before being set free. It's a massive revelation, one that could have devastating consequences not just for Briggs, but also for Graceland and the entire department.

While Mike carefully considers how to handle this sensitive information, the rest of his housemates wrestle with their own hidden truths, as Jakes pries into the life of his ex and his son, and Charlie considers revealing her heroin use to the rest of the house against Briggs's wishes. Mike, too, must deal with the secrets he's been keeping when Paige and Johnny push him to make a break with Abby.

Meanwhile, Mike deals with the fallout from the torpedo incident when Bello starts using a dangerous additive to stretch his heroin supply, and Charlie hits a dead end in her search for the mysterious Odin. Realizing they have a drug dealer in need of product and a supplier they can't seem to get eyes on, Briggs comes up with a plan to put their two targets together in sight of FBI surveillance. Little does anyone realize that Briggs has another secret up his sleeve, and it's his biggest one yet...

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