Episode 1.02 : Guadalajara Dog

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Episode Premiere

June 13, 2013




Drama, Action

Show Period

2013 - Now

Production Company

Fox Television Studios

Cast and Crew


Russell Lee Fine


Jeff Eastin

Main Cast


In the wake of the Russian Shootings, Mike continues to find his footing at Graceland, but the more he settles in to his new life, the more the lines seem to blur. Case in point: a mandated psych evaluation turns out to be a cover for a meeting with Juan Badillo, Mike's control officer in the Briggs investigation. But while Mike is relieved to have some guidance, Juan in cagey with details, simply imploring Mike to "get closer." The question is, how?

Mike isn't the only one dealing with surprises. Jakes's smuggled birds case becomes a bigger bust than he anticipated when he finds a cache of illegal armor-piercing rounds in the back of a truck, while elsewhere, Paige must find a way to fend off the advances of a Korean gangster in a case that is taking too long to wrap up.

Meanwhile, the brass has ordered that Mike be assigned to one of Briggs's open cases. The senior agent is hesitant, but Jakes's haul of "cop killers" gives Mike an idea that entices Briggs enough to bring the young rookie in on the investigation of a dangerous new player in the gang world named Bello. Things get off to a rocky start, but Mike's quick thinking and fancy shooting soon manage to put Briggs one step closer to Bello (and Mike one step closer to earning Briggs's trust). But when Briggs calls an unexpected audible, it's Mike who must decide if he can trust his senior officer. Little does he realize just how complicated Briggs' plans are, or how dangerous...

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